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how to play free fortnite cup

How To Play Free Fortnite Cup On iPhone And iPad

Fortnite has decided to violate the App Store rules by providing its own payments system for in-game currency (V-Bucks), thus bypassing Apple and their in-app purchase commissions. The Cupertino-based tech giant has immediately reacted and banned Fortnite from the App Store….

Third party Home Screen widgets in iOS 14

How To Test Third Party Home Screen Widgets In iOS 14 (Open List)

Update: iOS 14 has been released and we’ve created a new collection of third-part Home Screen widgets that are already available for download on your iPhone and iPad. iOS 14 is still in its testing phase but some third party app developers are already providing test versions of their apps that support one of the…

Adobe Photoshop Camera app for iPhone

Adobe Photoshop Camera App Free For iPhone And iPad

Adobe has recently released its Photoshop app for iOS. It’s called Photoshop Camera and can be downloaded from the App Store. The software is free to use and comes with a large variety of filters and lenses for your iPhone camera. The effects can be added before or after you take the photo. Custom-designed lenses,…

Apple Research app studies

Apple Research App Updated With COVID-19 Survey

Apple has launched an Apple Research app in the fall of 2019 in order to allow iPhone owners to volunteer and participate in various large scale medical researches. The app started with three big projects “The Apple Heart and Movement Study”, “The Apple Hearing Study” and “The Apple Women’s Health Study” which are still ongoing….

Google search app for iOS Light vs Dark Mode

Google Search App For iOS And Android Updates With Dark Mode Support

Google has just updated its Search app for iOS and Android with Dark Mode support. This welcomed add-on comes more than one week after Google’s most popular iOS app, Gmail also received Dark theme compatibility. To search with Google app while using Dark Mode on your iPhone and iPad you have to update to the…