Category: Bug Fixes

iPhone Storage bug in iOS 15

How To Fix iPhone Storage Bug (Wrong Capacity In iOS 15)

Are you also hit by the iPhone Storage bug? Are capacity calculations wrong since updating to iOS 15? Is your device going as far as displaying zero KB used? Or, the other way around iPhone or iPad displays a much higher storage usage than you’re actually using?…

Back Tap not working on iPhone

How To Fix Back Tap Not Working On iPhone In iOS 15

Is Back Tap not working on iPhone after updating to iOS 15? Are you double or triple tapping the back of your device, but predefined actions like Flashlight or Screenshot, are not executed? This can be caused by a minor glitch that can be easily fixed!…

FaceTime crashes when connecting

FaceTime Crashes When Connecting On iPhone In iOS 15?

Is FaceTime crashing on iPhone whenever you pick up a call? Does this happen ever since you’ve updated iPhone or iPad to iOS 15, respectively iPadOS 15? FaceTime crashes when connecting aren’t widespread but they’ve been reported before!…

iPhone Camera fuzzy in iOS 15

iPhone Camera Crashing, Viewfinder Fuzzy After iOS 15 Update

Is the iPhone Camera crashing when you want to take a photo in iOS 15? Does the viewfinder become fuzzy without any obvious, reason making it impossible to shoot a high quality image? This seems to be another iOS 15 glitch that has been plaguing iPhone owners in the last couple of days….

Facebook story not posting

Facebook Story Not Uploading, Stuck At Finishing Up (Fix?)

Is your Facebook Story not uploading, stuck at the Finishing Up stage, although your Internet connection works flawless? It seems that FB stories not posting is currently a widespread issue, as the popular social media platform hasn’t fully recovered from yesterday’s massive 7-hour downtime!…