Clue, Brass, Runtastic & 13 More Apps Gone Free Or Discounted This Week (Save $35)

app store apps gone free or discounted in week 19

App Store apps gone Free or Discounted during Week 19.

It’s time for another savings Sunday for all of us iOS App Store fans. I’ve just managed to finish the app collection for Week 19 of 2017. Save up to $35 by downloading all 16 apps that have gone free or are heavily discounted for a limited period of time. You’ll find a variety of games, photo & video apps, financial software as well as many other useful applications for your iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.

Please hurry up and benefit from this time limited offer. At the time of writing, all applications are still running the promos described in the list available below. We do apologize if you reach this page too late and one or more deals have expired. Help other Apple fans to save, by sharing this article on your social media accounts and with all your iOS contacts!

16 App Store Apps Gone Free or Discounted – Week 19
1. Runtastic Roadbike Tacker Pro ($4.99 -> FREE) – Turn your iPhone into a GPS tracking cycling computer with an impressive amount of features: voice coach, route search, bike tour tracking, live tracking, colored traces, road incline percentage and much more.

2. Clue: The Classic Mystery Game ($3.99 -> $0.99) – The perfect mystery scenario: A grand mansion, many characters and a serial killer that waits to be uncovered. Find out the murder, uncover his weapons and discover where the crimes took place in the Tudor Mansion.

3. Brass ($6.99 -> $3.99) – Play the role of an entrepreneur as your goal is to make as much money possible from running businesses in different industries. Action takes place during the Industrial Revolution. This is 4.5 out of 5-star App Store rated game.

4. Zip Zap ($1.99 -> FREE) – A great puzzler that perfectly exploits physics while users move mechanical parts to reach difficult locations. A perfect time killing game when you have a couple of spare minutes.

5. The Enchanted Books ($2.99 -> FREE) – A captivating adventure game that has gone Free for a limited time only! Help Uncle Henry find a 4th enchanted books hidden in one of the three worlds described in the books that he already found. A 5 out of 5-star App Store rated app!

6. Pop Dot Comics ($1.99 -> FREE) – Turn your CameraRoll shots into funny magazine covers with this entertaining photo editing app. Choose between the Sunday Comics, Halftone, Pop Comics, Pulp Comics and Noir Comics styles.

7. LightX ($4.99 -> $1.99) – A pro photo editing app for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. Remove image background, custom perfect selfies, color splash effects, multiple exposure effects along many other imaged editing effects.

8. Dr. Panda School ($2.99 -> $0.99) – A game that allows children to embark the role of students, teachers and parents. Let them explore the school surroundings in this creative role-playing game. 6 locations to uncover: classroom, hallway, nurse’s office, art room, school yard and cafeteria.

9. World of Cubes ($0.99 -> FREE) – Create your virtual worlds and play together with thousands of random players or friends online, with the help of the Multiplayer mode. You can also opt to build your own survival game random maps!

10. Wi-Fi Widget ($1.99 -> FREE) – Have detailed iPhone Internet connectivity info, one swipe away, in the Widget view. Check out the hotspot name, test the speed or latency and check out the connection password whenever you want to share your Wi-Fi network.

11. Debt Control ($0.99 -> FREE) – Make debts a thing of the past with this great iOS app that promises to enhance your savings with the help of the Snowball Plan.

12. Bills for iPhone ($0.99 -> FREE) – Easily plan and track your expenses on your iOS device. Financial planning with recurring reminders. Family sync to keep track of your bills together with your loved ones. Bills for iPad has also gone Free!

13. Budgets for iPhone ($0.99 -> FREE) – Create and track budgets for all your financial categories. Track all your income and expenses and carefully plan your budget for upcoming activities.

14. FrameLapse ($1.99 -> FREE) – Makes your pictures dynamic. You can Create back-and-forth looped, stop-motion, jitter, time lapse and slideshow videos or gifs.

15. Feelca Daylight ($0.99 -> FREE) – add warm tone to your photos and shot photos at film camera quality. You can select between a 24 and 36 exposure film. Enjoy!

16. Wireless Transfer App ($2.99 -> FREE) – easily transfer your photos between iPhone and iPad, or download/upload them between computer and any iOS device (iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch). There are no file size limitations or transfer number limits in place.

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