Delete And Re-Install Facebook App To Free Up iPhone Storage Space

ios facebook storage info page

Facebook for iOS storage info page.

If you own an 16GB iPhone you’re surly struggling with storage space. That’s because the number of “must-have” apps is constantly increasing. Software becomes more and more complex, thus taking up more room and media sharing is more popular than ever. All these factors combined cause iPhone owners, sooner or later, to look for ways to free up their smartphone’s storage. If you fit in this category you definitely enjoy the following tip.

Facebook is the most popular social media app. You’ll find it installed on most iPhones. Browsing your Timeline on a daily basis and interacting with friends and family leads to an accumulation of temporary files, cached files and other similar media that occupies storage space on your iPhone. The app doesn’t have a Clear Data feature, like Safari does. This means that the storage space that Facebook for iOS occupies on your device will grow larger and larger, day by day.

iphone 6 manage storage screen Clear Facebook Documents & Data
Happily, there is a handy trick that you can apply if you want to free up storage. You have to delete Facebook from your iPhone and install it back a few seconds later. This will clear all unwanted files. Depending on how long you used the app on your device the amount of space that you win back can be significant. If you check the print-screens nearby you can notice that the Facebook app which was installed for 1 year on an iPhone 6S was eating up around 760 MB, 568,5 of them being only for Documents & Data.

deleting facebook app from iphone How To:
1. Open Settings and browse for General -> Storage & iCloud Usage -> Manage Storage. Check how much space you have available on your iPhone.
2. Tap on the Facebook label to unveil the Info page and learn about the storage occupied by the Documents & Data of this app.
3. Hit “Delete App” and confirm your selection. The software will be uninstalled from your iOS device.
4. Open App Store, or tap here to access the official download page. Hit the cloud icon to install Facebook back on your iPhone.
ios manage storage screen 5. When ready click Open and the app’s home screen will load. If needed, provide your Facebook log-in details and your back online.

Fact: Return to the Manage Storage settings menu and see how your Available space has increased!

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