Delete History and Website Data in Safari for iOS

clear safari history and website data

Clear Safari History and Website Data.

As a traditional desktop web browser, your iPhone’s Safari version also saves browsing history, stores cookies and other data exchanged while you surf the Internet using your iOS device.

All this memorized info allows your native iPhone browser to offer an enhanced user experience. Safari keeps track of the web pages you visited and provides easier access in case you want to visit them again, by reminding you what sites you navigated on and helping those sites to remember your preferences by storing cookies.

However, all saved data piles up and it’s recommended, from time to time, that you clear Safari’s cache to freshen up the air. Or, it can happen that you browse a sensible website, without activating Safari’s private mode and you need to remove your traces.

How To Clear History & Website Data
iOS offers personalized options even for emptying Safari’s cache. You can opt to only delete website data and leave the browsing history alone; erase both with a single tap or cleanup the cache only for certain websites selected by you.

delete safari history and website data1. Delete Both Safari History and Cache
The simplest way to freshen up your built-in iOS browser is by visiting Settings, browsing for Safari and scrolling for Clear History and Website Data. The option is highlighted as an URL, which makes it easy to spot. Tap it and you’ll be prompted with a confirmation screen, that explains what information will be erased by your action. Hit Clear History and Data to confirm deletion.

2. Erase only Website Data
remove entire ios safari website data If you wish to keep your Safari browsing history intact, use a somewhat hidden iOS setting that allows you remove only the stored website data. This option is found in Settings -> Safari -> Advanced -> Website Data. Here you find a list with Safari’s data packages for all web pages visited by you that use caching. You can see how much storage is using up every website. If you scroll all the way down, you’ll find the Remove All Website Data command. Tap it and you’ll get a prompt which explains what data you’re about to erase. Hit Remove Now and Website Data will display 0 bytes.

3. Clear Cache For Selected Websites
delete selected website data The third option implies deleting the cache only for certain websites. This is done when you accessed some sensible web pages and wish to clear your traces, or if you have web pages that you visit really often and they start using up too much data.
To erase the cache for a particular selection, visit the menu used at option 2. Now, browse the list with website names and search for the page you want to clear cache for. When you find it, swipe-left on its label to unveil the red Delete feature. Hit it and you’re done!

Tip: Do note, that deleting history and website data, won’t also erase your saved logins and credit card information. So, there’s no need to panic!