Destination Comedies, DC Movies & Film Bundle Deals Now Available In iTunes (Over 100 Titles)

itunes dc movies sale

iTunes DC Movies sale!

The iTunes store has just been updated with a new batch of discounted movies. Apple has chosen to feature Destination Comedies and DC Movies this week. It has discounted 32, respectively 25 titles. Among the films available on sale you can find names like Snatched, The Hangover, Eurotrip, Vegas Vacation and more for Destination Comedies. While titles like Man of Steel, The Dark Knight, Suicide Squad and Wonder Woman are some of the DC Movies on sale. On top of that you’ll find also an impressive series of Film Bundles!

Band Aid has been also selected as Movie of the Week. This means that you can rent this 2017 release, that shows a hilarious debut of Zoe Lister-Jones, for just $0.99 and have 48 hours to watch it after you first start the playback. If you would rather purchase it, you have to spend $9.99 for this movie.

32 Destination Comedies On Sale In iTunes

20 Discounted Movie Bundles

20 DC Movies On Sale

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