Did You Know That iOS 10 Allows You To Delete 23 Stock iPhone Apps?

stock iphone apps can be deleted in iOS 10

Stock iPhone apps can be deleted in iOS 10.

If I say Stocks, you surly know what I mean! Ever since the iPhone was invented, users have looked for a way to get rid of the Stocks app and other built-in iOS app that they never use. It took 10 iOS versions for Apple to acknowledge this and allow us to delete stock applications to free up Home screen real estate. Believe it or not you can erase up to 23 native apps. These are all apps that come pre-installed on your iPhone when you buy it or when you upgrade the firmware version.

The sad news is that if you expect to free up space after deleting built-in apps, better forget it. All native apps, combined together occupy only 150MB. That’s because they’re designed to be space efficient. The only true benefit that you get from removing a stock app is the fact that you free up home screen space for icons belonging to other apps. More, if you delete the Calculator app you also free up Control Center real estate. Unfortunately there is no option available yet to fill up the freed up space. Plus, Calculator is one of those built-in apps are really useful.

native ios apps that are removable How To Delete Native iOS Apps
Removing a built-in app is done the same way you erase a third party app that you’ve previously downloaded and installed from your App Store. Simply, tap and hold on the app’s icon until the icon starts to jiggle and an “x” appears in the top-left corner of the app’s logo. Hit it and the app disappears from your Home screen. Press the Home button to exit the application editing state.
Fact: If you remove a built-in app you also clear all user data and the configuration files related to it.

iphone home screen with deleted native apps The 23 Removable Stock iOS Apps
Here are all built-in apps that can be deleted from your iPhone or iPad: Calculator, Calendar, Compass, Contacts, FaceTime, Find My Friends, Home, iBooks, iCloud Drive, iTunes Store, Mail, Maps, Music, News, Notes, Podcasts, Reminders, Stocks, Tips, Videos, Voice Memos, Apple Watch app, Weather.
Fact: There are still a series of stock apps that can’t be deleted. Among this you will find: Activity, App Store, Camera, Clock, Health, Messages, Settings, Wallet, Find iPhone.

How To Reinstall Deleted Stock Apps
There is no fast restore option. You have to manually add each app back from the App Store. Search for the software in question and tap the Cloud icon available next to the apps name.

10 Things That You Should Know Before Deleting Native Apps
apple watch app removal warning 1. Contacts: in case you decide to delete this app contact data remains available in the Phone app.
2. Double Impact: if you remove an app that comes with an Apple Watch extension, the software on the wearable will be also erased.
3. Apple Watch app: You first have to unpair the Apple Watch to be able to erase the app.
4. FaceTime: Deleting this app doesn’t affect your iPhone’s capabilities of dialing or receiving FaceTime call via the Contacts and Phone app.

calculator app shortcut deleted from control center 5. Calculator, as mentioned above, removing this stock app also removes the Control Center shortcut.
6. Music app removal might negatively impact playing audio, via Apple apps or third party software, on various stereo receivers.
7. Stocks & Weather deletion completely disables the functionality of these built-in apps. Notification Center Widgets and watchOS Complications are disabled.
8. Maps, Podcasts, Music, & iBooks won’t be available for CarPlay use if they’re erased from the iPhone’s Home screen.