Did You Know That You Can Ask Siri To Cancel All Your Alarms At Once?

Siri disabling all iPhone alarms.

Siri disabling all iPhone alarms.

Life in the 21st century has never been more alert as nowadays. The huge amount of tasks that we have to complete daily forces us to use reminders, set up alarms in order to be able to stay on track with our schedule. Everything starts with the morning wake up call given by the iPhone’s Alarm Clock and unfolds with numerous other work, shopping and other family related reminders.

However, sometimes you simply want to take a break from all of the hype. Perhaps you’ve been caught by a cold or took a couple of days off and simply want to sit back and relax. What do you do with the multiple alarms that are standing by to alert you whenever an important event is approaching. Well, you can open the iOS Clock app and manually disable each alert and proceed the same with other apps like Reminders, or you can speak out a voice command and let Siri to the job for you.

How To Command Siri To Disable Alarms
using Siri to turn On all iPhone alarms 1. Wake your virtual assistant with the help of the Hey Siri feature or by pressing and holding the Home button until Siri engages.
2. Speak out: “(Hey Siri,) disable all my alarms!”
3. Voila, your iPhone displays a list with all the alerts that have been turned off.
Fact: Use a similar voice command to activate all your alarms: “(Hey Siri,) enable all my alarms!”. Sometimes the virtual assistant my ask for a confirmation. Tap confirm or speak out “Confirm/Yes” to acknowledge the request.

Siri Can Delete All Your Alarms
asking Siri to delete all iPhone alarms You can take it one step further and replace the term “disable” with the word “delete”. However, this will not only turn off all alarms but also erase them from the Clock app. So, pay attention to the semantics!
However, if you use the erasure formula, you’ll surly receive a confirmation prompt from Siri which demands from you to confirm the bold request.
Fact: Use a similar voice command to cancel active reminders from the native Reminders app!

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