Discover The First iPhone Anti-Gravity Case

mega tiny corp anti-gravity case

Mega Tiny Corporation Anti-Gravity Case.

Mega Tiny Corporation has released its revolutionary iPhone case, a Kickstarter project. This case sticks to any smooth and flat surface, without using any glues or adhesives. This unique feature gives the Anti-Gravity case multiple functions starting with the classic one, of protecting your iOS device against shocks and scratches, to the more special ability of defying gravity and anchoring your device on any of the following surfaces: metal, glass, tiles, screens, whiteboards and even kitchen cabinets.

This means that you can instantly glue any iPhone, equipped with the Zero G case, to a window and take a selfie, without the slightest tremor. Or you can fix it high on your kitchen furniture and perform a video FaceTime call while you continue cooking. The case its practical in any situation that requires you to hold the iOS gadget in your hand, without interacting with the display. It’s useful because instead of holding the iPhone, you can free up your hand and multitask by sticking the phone to a smooth surface. Another good example would be: brushing your teeth, while watching a Youtube video, with the smartphone sticked on the bathroom mirror!

How Does The Anti-Gravity Case Stick?
iPhone anti-gravity case with nano-suction material The Zero G case, from MTC, uses a special material built out of thermoplastic elastomer mixed with an unique formula, that manages to find grip on almost any flat and smooth surface.
When pressing the case towards a smooth surface, a vacuum is achieved between the surface and its tiny suction cups. The higher atmospheric pressure outside of the cups allows them to find and hold their grip. Practically the Anti-Gravity case material contains millions of nano-suction cups that work together as a unit and stick your iPhone to the above mentioned surfaces.

Anti-Gravity iPhone Case Properties
zero g iPhone case usage demo Protection: The Zero G case comes with raised edges, so that it can protect your iPhone’s screen in case of hits. The nano-suction material is a great shock absorber, highly durable and provides a great grip.
Cleanness: because of its sticking properties, debris are also attracted. You should clean the case by wiping it with damp clothing. A lint roller will be also efficient. Don’t worry the material is self-healing and temperature resistant.
Fact: The Anti-Gravity case doesn’t interfere with any of your iPhone’s features. It doesn’t negatively impact any of the important functions including GPS, 4G, NFC (Apple Pay), Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Most Frequent Usage and Utility
Using iPhone in hands-free mode while: FaceTime-ing, Skype-ing, taking selfies, recording videos and even live streaming.
Watch Youtube, Netflix or anything similar while using the bathroom.
Use the phone hands-free while driving.
Glue your iPhone near your computer screen while working and much more.

Anti-Gravity iPhone Case Purchase
If the features of this Zero G smartphone case have convinced you to purchase it, you have to know that it’s currently available for all iPhone models from the 5 onward. You can choose between two colors black, or white. I would recommend you to opt for the dark shade, because the white one seems to get dirty faster and needs to be cleaned more often. You can find more details on the Mega Tiny Corp Anti-Gravity Selfie Case purchase page.