Display iCloud Drive App On iOS 9 Home Screen

Show iCloud Drive on Home Screen

Show iCloud Drive on Home Screen.

Today I’ll be reviewing for you another Apple app that will become stock software within iOS 9. I’m talking about iCloud Drive. It’s a piece of software that basically does what its name sayes, it provides rapid access to the files stored on your iCloud account.
You practically get a folder view of all files backed up on your free 5 GB Apple cloud. A Search bar is also available to enhance your browsing efficiency.
If you upgrade to iOS 9 and don’t find the application available on your iPhone’s or iPad’s home screen, don’t panic! Contrary to the two other new native apps, Find iPhone and Find Friends, iCloud Drive is hidden by default, but you can easily make it visible or disable it anytime from the Settings menu.

How To Enable iCloud Drive
icloud drive ios 9 app To bring this new app on your home screen. tap on Settings, scroll for iCloud Drive.
First, allow your apps to store data on your iCloud, by toggling the knob next to the iCloud Drive option. Next, make the app available on the home screen by tweaking the Show on Home Screen feature. Furthermore, you can manually determine which applications you allow to store data on your cloud.
Tip: I suggest you to keep the Use Cellular Data setting, available at the bottom of the page, turned off to protect your carrier data traffic and instruct your device to perform iCloud uploads only when connected to Wi-Fi.