Do You Know This 3D Touch iOS Reminders Trick?

3D touching a reminder in the iOS reminders app.

3D touching a reminder in the iOS reminders app.

3D Touch never stops to surprise us. This revolutionary pressure sensitive technology, embedded in iPhones starting with the 6S model, allows iOS developers to insert various shortcuts and settings all over the UI. Just when you think that you know about all hidden options available in your iPhone or iPad, you accidentally uncover a new one. This only makes you think how many more force touch options there are embedded in your iOS device, that you still don’t know about yet?

In this article I’m highlighting a quick trick for those of you that often use the built-in iOS Reminders app. Did you know that you can 3D Touch reminders to unveil some handy options? I’m not talking about the actual Reminders icon that’s available on your iPhone’s or iPad’s home screen! I’m referring to an actual entry in the Reminders app, which can be deep pressed in order to quickly extra customize it. The action pops up settings like “Remind me at a location” or “Remind me on a day”.

How To 3D Touch A Reminder
how to 3d touch an ios reminder 1., Open the Reminders app.
2. If there’s a to-do entry available you can 3D Touch it right away, else create a new reminder first.
3. iOS unveils the most popular edits, depending on how the specific reminder is configured. For example, if the entry doesn’t have a day set, you will be prompted to select the time and day. If you want to be reminded when you reach a certain location, use the “Remind me at location” feature.
Fact: If your reminder has both time and location configured, the deep press provides options to quickly edit them.

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