Does The iPhone Touchscreen Work With Latex Gloves Used During Coronavirus Outbreak?

Typing on iPhone 11 while wearing latex gloves

Typing on iPhone 11 while wearing latex gloves.

Recently, we’ve shown you how to unlock your iPhone and successfully authenticate with Face ID while wearing a surgical mask during the COVID-19 pandemic. Today, we check if you can control an iPhone while wearing Latex Gloves, to keep the new coronavirus away from your hands. We’ve tested multiple iPhone models including the iPhone 6, iPhone 8 and iPhone 11 versions and below you can find the results.

Thankfully, all of them reacted positive to the latex gloves, surgical gloves or doctors’ gloves as some might call them. The only problem arises with the Touch ID sensor of the older iPhone models. These smartphones can’t recognize your fingerprint because of the extra layer of latex on your skin. Thus you will have to authenticate with your Passcode, after the two failed attempts. It takes a bit longer but you can still use your iOS device in normal parameters.

Typing on iPhone With Latex Gloves
how to use voice dictation to input text on iPhone without typing One of the more difficult actions performed on your smartphone while wearing protective gloves to keep the coronavirus away, is typing. Naturally, you don’t have the same accuracy when hitting those letters. The smaller the display the more obvious the deficiency will be. Those of you that will be the least affected are the owner of Max and Plus model versions. Then you have the iPhone 11, XR, 11 Pro, XS and X owners which should also be able to handle the situation without to many problems. However, if you own an iPhone 8 or older, you will start to suffer when typing while wearing the latex gloves.
Tip: To compensate this deficiency you can use the iOS voice dictation command. Speak out the text that you want to type and the iPhone will fill in the blanks for you! Check an in depth article with voice dictation tips and tricks.

Swiping Your iPhone With Latex Gloves
We’ve also tested all forms of swiping while wearing the surgical gloves and did not encounter any problems. Your finger won’t slide too fluently on the display but the touchscreen is able to recognize the command with a very high success rate. Swiping for Control Center, Notification Center, swiping-left and right, everything works great while wearing the gloves.

Tapping An iPhone While Wearing Surgical Gloves
Simple tap, double-tap and even tipple-taps are registered normally by the iPhone’s touchscreen.
Fact: The same applies for pinch-to-zoom, for 3D Touch and long-pressing the smartphone’s touchscreen.

Tip: Don’t forget to disinfect your smartphone immediately after you return home and remove the gloves from your hands. We’ve already written an article about how to clean it quickly remove the germs, including the new coronavirus!

Important: According to the WHO, the new coronavirus is very contagious. Wearing latex gloves when going out will help to prevent infections. First because it will obivously keep the new coronagerms away from your hands and secondly because, together with the surgical mask or any other similar maks it kills your habit of bringing your fingers in the mouth, nose and eye area!

Are you already using your iPhone while wearing protective gloves to keep the coronavirus at bay? Let us know in the comment section below, about your user experience.