Download The Spectacular iPhone X Internals Wallpaper On Any Smartphone

spectacular iphone x internals wallpaper

Spectacular iPhone X Internals wallpaper. Source: iFixit

The iPhone X is a fascinating piece of technology. Going beyond the glamorous bezel-less look, it’s exciting to see how the 10th anniversary iPhone shines internally. This is achieved with the help of a device teardown, as done by the guys from iFixit. The dual batteries as well, the stacked mother board and all the other nicely fitted components provide a spectacular view. Nevertheless, no matter how ingeniously and nicely arranged the iPhone Ten’s internals are, I hope that you never actually get to seem them in person, and that your iPhone X never lands on the repair’s shop table!

The great news though is that there is great trick that you can apply to reveal the iPhone X internals to your friends. What about a 1:1 wallpaper that shows the iPhone ‘Ten’ naked, with its OLED display pealed off? This great ideas has been implemented by iFixit! The iPhone repair company has published two spectacular looking wallpapers that display the internals of the iPhone X, in their full beauty! You can grab the images and use them as backgrounds on any smartphone that you own.

How To Download and Install The iPhone X Internals Wallpaper
1. Download one or both wallpapers by tapping the links provided below. The backgrounds open in a new tab. Touch & hold the image until you unveil the ‘Save’ option. Tap it and the wallpaper is downloaded to the Photos app.

  • iPhone X Internals Wallpaper: Tap here (2432 x 1125 Resolution)
  • iPhone X X-Ray Wallpaper: Tap here (2432 x 1125 Resolution)

2. Open Photos and browse for the image that you just saved. Tap it.
3. Next, tap the Share button and opt for ‘Use as Wallpaper’.
4. You can assign the wallpaper for both Home and Lock screen but I recommend you to choose Lock screen only to make the effect even more spectacular. On Home screen you will have a difficult time distinguishing app icons.
From now on, whenever you wake your iPhone X, you’ll create an effect of seeing through the device’s display, as though you would own Superman’s X-ray vision!

Fact: Of course that you can download these wallpapers to any other iPhone or Android smartphone! Are you a wallpaper addict? Here you can find more!