Download and Play Tamagotchi on Apple Watch

tamagotchi on apple watch

Tamagotchi on Apple Watch!

Time for some Apple Watch gaming and my first review for a watch OS App Store application. I choose a really simple piece of software, packed with a lot of emotional load. I’m warning your that it might raise your nostalgic levels quite significantly. It surly did manage to trigger some nice memories, on my side. Do you remember Tamagotchi, one of the most popular gadgets of your childhood? Well your little electronic pet is back and ready to build its nest on your Apple Watch!

The Japanese manufacturers, Bandai Namco have just released Tamagotchi Classic on the App Store, right in time for the Apple Watch launch. The Tokyo based company promises to bring back the original Tamagochi game on your iPhone, iPad and the newly available Apple wrist gadget. Back in the 1990s, the original game sold over 80 million units worldwide. If you find yourself in this statistic read on and see how to resurrect your electronic pet.

Install Tamagotchi on Apple Watch
tamagotch classic ios game icon As with any other app that you wish to make available on your wearable, this game has to be installed on the paired iPhone first. After that, you can make it available on your Watch. So, use your iPhone to download Tamagotchi Classic from the App Store. Be aware that the app has to be purchased for the fee of $0.99.
Next, open the Apple Watch app and you should see the Tamagotchi game updated in the apps list. Make sure that your Watch is connected with its paired iPhone.

tamagotchi apple watch glancePlay Tamagotchi on Apple Watch
After the game syncs on your wrist gadget, your tiny pet becomes available in the glances section. Swipe up from the watch face to open glances and swipe left or right, until your reach the Tamagotchi glance. Here you can check your pets status. Take good care of your electronic buddy: send it to the restroom or feed it whenever it calls for you.
Notifications are received on your wearable. If they become too annoying, you can disable them from the Apple Watch app.

tamagotchi classic gameplay Tamagotchi Classic Gameplay
There are to ways to raise your electronic pet using your iPhone or Watch. You can play the Toy Mode and get the classic Tamagotchi device or choose the App Mode, which is a modern fully colored and touch sensible interface.
The good news is that you can easily switch between the two. Raise as many electronic pets to unlock new shells or special backgrounds. Good luck and have fun raising!