Download Apple’s New COVID-19 Guide For First Responders

Stanford Medicine COVID-19 first responder guide

Stanford Medicine COVID-19 first responder guide.

Apple has just released a new Coronavirus related app. The Cupertino-based tech giant has partnered with the Standford University and created a guide with updated information and safety practices related to the COVID-19 pandemic. The app is intended to support police officers, firefighters, paramedics and other first responders with precious data regarding the ongoing outbreak. It should also help them determine if they should be tested for the novel coronavirus or not.

The First Responder COVID-19 Guide uses the Apple ResearchKit and CareKit frameworks. It comes with precious info about the pandemic collected by Stanford experts. A guide with best practices to stay protected, frequently asked questions about the novel Coronavirus as well as weekly videos and the latest news about the unfolding of the outbreak are included in this new app.

How To Download The First Responder COVID-19 Guide
The app is available in the App Store. All that you have to do is to tap this direct download link and install it on your iPhone or iPad.
Fact: Strangely, similar to the other app released by Apple in partnership with the CDC, the White House Coronavirus Task Force and FEMA the first responder guide requires you to run iOS 13.0. The COVID-19 Screening Tool needs iOS 13.1. Why would Apple phase out users that haven’t upgraded to the 13th iOS generation is inexplicable. Considering that the iPHone 5s isn’t compatible with iOS 13, its owners as well as those that still use older iPhone devices have no chance of downloading the guide and the screening tool.

Important: The app also comes with a screening questionnaire to help those that are fighting this virus in the first line to know when they should get a coronavirus test. The self-assessment is based on symptoms, exposure and medical history.
Tip: If questionnaire recommends testing, the first responder can get a high-priority appointment at one of the seven Standford Health Care drive-through testing sites.

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