Download Free iPhone Tennis Tones For Alerts

iPhone sounds menu with Tennis Alerts

iPhone Sounds Menu with Tennis Alerts.

It’s time to enrich your collection of iOS tunes with some custom made Tennis Alerts that thrill any tennis fan! Use the sounds specially recorded and uploaded by the Team and personalize your iOS device, showing to everyone what a tennis addict you are!

So, you’re a fan of the elegant Roger Federer, or you prefer the fiery style of Rafael Nadal? What about the likes of Novak Djokovic or Andy Murray? Serena Williams sure has many fans, as most of the female tennis players do. Would you like to hear your favorite’s name yelled out by your iPhone when receiving a text? How about the sound of a perfect serve or the tune of a perfect smash?

How To Download iPhone Tennis Alerts
Step 1: Click on the ‘Free-Purchase’ link available in the next paragraph. The tennis tunes will be added to your cart and you’ll be automatically redirected to our download page, free of charge!
Step 2: Type your Email address and Name. We use your email address to send you a copy of the download link. Now, tap on ‘Free Download’!
Step 3: Purchase Confirmation page opens and your Tennis Alerts are available for download. At this point you have to options:
A.If you’re using a Mac or Windows computer/notebook for this download, you can go on and download the files, by click the blue download links. You’re files will be downloaded one at a time.
B. If you completed the process on an iPhone or iPad, you can preview the tones, by taping on the ‘mp3’ format, but you’ll have to plug-in your iPhone to a Mac or Windows computer/notebook to be able to transfer the free downloaded tones to your iOS device.
Step 4: Assumes that you are now in front of a computer/notebook. If you where here from the beginning you have the files already download on your ‘Desktop’ or within your ‘Download’ folder. Else, simply log into your mail, open the ‘iOS Alert Tones from’ email and download the files.
Step 5: Open the iTunes software on your Mac or computer and click on the ‘Tones’ tab.
Step 6: Click, drag and drop the downloaded files from your ‘Desktop’ or ‘Download’ folder, to the iTunes ‘Tones’ tab.
Step 7: Plug-in your iPhone/iPad with your Mac or computer and synchronize the newly added Tones.
Step 8: Unlock your iPhone/iPad tap on ‘Settings’ -> ‘Sounds’ and assign the desired tennis tune to the selected alert.

iPhone Tennis Alerts Preview and Download Area
1. Roger Federer Alert Tone

2. Rafael Nadal Alert Tone

3. Tennis Serve Tone

4. Serena Williams Tone

5. Maria Sharapova Tone

If we missed a tennis tune that you would like to use as a Text Tone or some other Mail, Reminder, Calendar, Tweet or Facebook alert, please contact us or comment this article and asks us for it. You can even request for a specific iPhone tennis ringtone and we will create it for you. That, of course, if it’s possible to do it without breaking copyright regulations.