Download The iPhone 11 And iPhone 11 Pro Stock Wallpapers

iPhone 11 Pro stock wallpaper

iPhone 11 Pro stock wallpaper.

All new iPhone generations come with exclusive wallpapers. The iPhone 11 lineup fits the patterns. Here you can download the new stock background images for the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro and use them on any iPhone. We’ve gathered this images from Twitter. We give a big shout-out to Dylan McDonald for the the Dark Mode versions of the iPhone 11 wallpapers. AR70214, from the above mentioned micro-blogging platform, has also provided a high-quality image of the new iPhone 11 Pro wallpaper, while other variants continue to surface as this post is written.

The new wallpapers display great on the iPhone X and iPhone XS models because of their colorful and have nice contrast for the OLED screens. The dark wallpapers are automatically set on the new iPhones when the new Dark Mode option is enabled.
We will update this article as soon as we find new wallpapers. If you get them before we do, give us a hand and share them with us with the help of the comment section available at the end of this article, or by mailing us. We’re particularly looking for the light mode variants of the iPhone 11 designs.

iPhone 11 And iPhone 11 Pro Wallpapers

Nevertheless the wallpapers already available in this article will help you turn your notched iPhone into an 2019 flaghship, especially with the iPhone X, XS and iPhone 11 Pro sharing an identical design, excepting the rear camera layout, which has been trolled continuously since yesterday’s keynote.

How To Download Wallpapers
1. Long-press on the image that you want to download.
2. Select ‘Save’ and the photo will be saved in your CameraRoll.

How To Install Wallpapers
1. Browse the selected wallpaper in the Photos app.
2. Tap the ‘share’ icon, available in the bottom-left corner of the screen.
3. Select the “Use as Wallpaper” option.
4. Move and Scale the image.
5. Tap Set to save your selection.

iPhone 11 Wallpapers For All iPhones

iPhone 11 Stock Wallpaper
iphone 11 stock wallpaper colors for x and xs
iPhone 11 Dark Mode:
iphone 11 dark mode wallpaper for iphone x and xs
Dark Mode Rose:
iphone 11 dark mode wallpaper rose for x and xs
iphone 11 colorful wallpaper
Dark Mode 2:
iphone 11 dark mode 2
Dark Mode 3:
iphone 11 dark mode 3

iPhone 11 Wallpapers For iPhones with Notch

Direct download link from Google Drive!

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