Download The iPhone and iOS 8.1 User Guide

iphone and ios 8.1 user guide

iPhone and iOS 8.1 User Guide.

This is a great tip for those of you that wish to improve their knowledge about iPhones and everything else iOS related, even when they’re offline and don’t have access to Yes, I’m talking about Apple’s official User Guide for iPhone and iOS 8.1, which covers the basics but also provides in depth details about all iPhone functions and native iOS applications.

The digital guide is downloadable, for free, from your device’s iBooks app. It’s 182 pages long and will block around 12,8MB of your device’s storage. The iPhone User Guide for iOS 8.1 can be easily read on your iPhone or iPad. It comes with illustrations which make it very user-friendly. You can bookmark pages or chapters that attract your attention and even write down notes for later usage.

apple user guides for ios 8.1How To Download
Apple’s User Guides for iOS 8.1 are rapidly downloaded from iBooks. There are three versions available, depending on the type of your iOS device.
Tap on the appropriate link and GET now the user guide that suits you best: iPhone (for all iPhone models) , iPad (for larger mobile devices) and iPod Touch.

iPhone User Guide for iOS 8.1
iphone and ios 8.1 user guide chaptersThis digital book is divided in 37 chapters. It starts with the ‘iPhone at a Glance’ chapter. A graphical presentation of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, Apple’s latest flagships. As with any document read via iBooks, pages are turned forward by swiping left and backwards by swiping right. You don’t have to read all chapters if they cover functions and apps that you are fully aware of. Jumping between chapters can be done by tapping the Reader button available in the top header of your screen, next to Library. It unfolds the list with all chapters. Tap the chapter that you wish to jump too and continue your lecture.
iphone 6 plus components descriptionIf you find a page interesting and wish to read it again, later on, you can highlight it by pressing the Bookmark button, available in the right corner of the top navigation menu. Bookmarks can be accessed by tapping the same Reader icon, used for bringing up the list with chapters.
From the same menu, you can open up the Interactive Search feature. Type a word or a page number and you’ll be prompted with instant results, if available.
One more important setting to enhance your reading is the one that optimizes Legibility.
ibooks legibility settings First of all, you can manually adjust brightness, to tune your viewing experience. Next, there is an option to enable or disable Auto-Night Theme. When activated, this feature automatically switches for a dark background theme, with white writing, when the iPhone’s ambient light sensor signals low light. You can also pick a different Font. Choose from the available ones or ask iBooks to download a new one for you.
Text size can be also increased, for a better reading experience. Last but not least, an accessibility feature allows you to enable scrolling. This eliminates pagination and you need to scroll for new content.