Download WWDC 2020 Wallpapers For iPhone, iPad & Mac

iPhone 11 displaying WWDC 2020 Wallpaper

iPhone 11 displaying WWDC 2020 Wallpaper.

WWDC 2020 is knocking at the door and you should start getting into to the groove. That’s why we selected more than a dozen WWDC 2020 themed wallpapers for your iPhone, iPad and Mac. All that you have to do is browse the backgrounds listed below, open the desired image for a better look and save it on your device. Long-press the image and use the ‘Add to Photos’ option to save it.

Last but not least you have to open the Photos app and browse to the recently downloaded background. Tap the Share Sheet icon, bottom-left corner of the screen and select the ‘Use as Wallpaper’ option. Move & Scale the image if needed. Tap ‘Set’ to save and mention if you want to use the new background both on the Home and Lock Screen.

WWDC 2020 Wallpapers For iPhone

WWDC 2020 hello wallpaper

wwdc 2020 wallpaper for iPhone

WWDC 2020 wallpaper with Apple logo

WWDC 2020 wallpaper with Apple logo

WWDC 2020 Dark Mode wallpaper

WWDC 2020 Dark Mode wallpaper

WWDC 2020 Heroes wallpaper

wwdc 2020 wallpaper heroes wallpaper

WWDC 2020 light blue Hero wallpaper

wwdc 2020 light blue hero wallpaper

WWDC 2020 El Professor wallpaper

WWDC 2020 El Professor wallpaper

WWDC 2020 Black Hero wallpaper

wwdc 2020 black hero wallpaper

WWDC 2020 Orange Hero wallpaper

wwdc 2020 orange hero wallpaper

WWDC 2020 Afro-Hair Hero

wwdc 2020 afro hair wallpaper

WWDC 2020 Wallpapers For iPad

WWDC 2020 hello wallpaper

Hello wallpaper

WWDC 2020 sticker iPad

wwdc 2020 sticker iPad

WWDC 2020 Dark Mode wallpaper

wwdc 2020 sticker iPad

WWDC 2020 Watch Face For Apple Watch

You can add any of the iPhone wallpapers provided below as an Apple Watch background. Just follow these steps:
how to create Watch Face from photo1. Open the Photos app on your iPhone and browse to the desired wallpaper.
2. Use the Share Sheet icon, available in the bottom-left corner of the screen.
3. Select the Create Watch Face option.
4. Choose the Watch Face type. For example, Photos Watch Face.
5. Tweak the available settings and tap ADD when ready.
Fact: Flick your wrist and the new WWDC 2020 Watch Face will be displayed on the screen.

WWDC 2020 Wallpaper For Mac

WWDC 2020 wallpaper Mac

WWDC 2020 wallpaper for mac

WWDC 2020 Light Mode

wallpaper mac light theme

WWDC 2020 Dark Mode

wwdc 2020 dark mode mac

The wallpapers shared in this article have been sourced from: AR72014, Birchtree, Basvanderploeg and iSpazio.

Update: iOS 14 has been announced! Download the default iOS 14 wallpapers!

What’s your favorite WWDC 2020 wallpaper? Let us know in the comments section available below.

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