Drag & Drop Icons To Easily Customize Share Sheet Options In iOS 10

drag and drop share activties to edit lineup

Drag and Drop Share Activities to edit lineup.

With iOS becoming more and more complex, interaction between apps and sharing data from one application to another has become a frequent activity. As we’ve already shown you in the past, the Share Sheet options available with various iPhone and iPad apps are customizable. You can enable or disable various Share Extensions as well as arrange them in the desired order.

Optimization saves time and “time is money”, nowadays! So, if you have a habit of sharing your photos via Facebook, for example, make sure that this popular Share Extension is in your immediate range, when opening the Share Sheet screen. This will spare you from an additional swipe and thus save your time. Until now, the Share options could only be edited from the Activities screen, available at the end of the array. However, starting with iOS 10, there’s a nice little trick that allows you to tweak the order much more easier.

drag and drop share activity icons Drag & Drop To Edit Share Sheet Activities
Simply tap, hold and drag the desired activity icon in the preferred location. Release it when ready. It’s the same technique used to change the location of the app icons on your iPhone’s home screen. The only difference is that icons won’t shiver while you edit them.
Tip: You can tweak both the Share Extensions lineup, as well as the built-in activity options like Copy, Duplicate, Slideshow, AirPlay, Assign to Contact, Use as Wallpaper, Print, Add to iCloud Drive and much more.

Long Press To Hide Optional Activities
hide share activity trick If you want to disable a share function you can long press it and the Hide label appears above it. Tap it to disable the Share Extension. You can enable it back from the Activities screen. It’s the same screen that allows you to drag & drop and tweak share features the classic way.
Tip: Only optional extensions can be enabled and disabled. The built-in ones are active by default and can only be rearranged.

Fact: Share Sheet menu looks different, depending on the app you use when you tap the share icon, available in the bottom status bar. You can change the Activities’ lineup for each app, the way it suits you best. For example, in Safari you can bring the Add to Home Screen option, or the Find on Page towards the front of the line and move Print towards the end, if it’s an activity that you rarely use.