Duet Display 50% Sale For A Limited Time Only ($19.99 ->$9.99)

iPad running Duet Display

iPad connected to Macbook and running Duet Display.

If you missed the iDisplay sale, that we featured a couple of weeks ago, you can grab a similar app, that comes with an identical discount. Duet Display is the No. 1 best selling iPad app in US, UK, Japan and 18 other countries. It allows you to transform your iPhone or iPad in an extra display for a Mac or Windows computer. The application is coded by ex-Apple developers which claim that they’ve created the most advanced extra display software.

This Productivity app is intended to increase your efficiency while working at your desktop or portable computer. It doubles your screen real estate, allowing you to stop switching between tabs or various windows. More, your secondary screen comes with touchscreen capabilities. This means that you can use gestures like pinch to zoom, pan and two-finger scrolling. On top of that, multitasking is done flawless with no lag at all.

Download Duet Display For iPhone & iPad
duet display app store deal This app is usually priced at $19.99 but you can download it now, from the App Store, at half of its regular price. If you spend a lot of time in front of the computer, spending $9.99 for an extra display might prove itself a wise decision. Tap the price tag, available in the top-right corner of the app’s App Store page. Confirm your purchase and allow your iOS device to install the app. When finished, tap Open and increase your efficiency!
Fact: Duet Display works on all iPhone and iPads that run iOS 7.0 or newer, all Macs with 10.9 and newer, all PCs equipped with Windows 7 and later.

How To Configure iPad As Extra Screen
Multitasking with the help of Duet Display is achieved fast and easy. After you download the app, grab your iPad and use the lightning cable to connect your iOS device to your computer. Next, Download the free Duet desktop software. Open it and allow it to automatically find your smart device.
Fact: Because of the wired connection, your Duet Display experience won’t suffer from Wi-Fi connectivity problems, laggy performance or pixelated screen.

Tip: You can bring your experience to the next level if you own an Apple Pencil. However, to achieve this you also need to purchase the Duet Pro add-on priced at $19.99/year. This feature allows you to use your iPad as a professional graphics tablet. If you’re a designer you might wanna grab this in-app purchase because it’s particularly helpful when using Photoshop, Corel Painter and other similar desktop software.