Dynamic Island Stutters When Locking iPhone & AOD Is Enabled

dynamic island stutter

Dynamic Island stutter when iPhone is locked.

Dynamic Island stuttering when locking iPhone with Side Button and the device transitions to Always On Display mode? Animation feels broken while the island is expanding? This is a new glitch reported for the iOS 16.1 RC release.

Dynamic Island Animation Stuttering?

This issue has been reported by Luis:

“Dynamic island animation stuttering when locking iphone. did not happen in previous versions!!!”

We’ve found a similar complaint on Reddit that’s been confirmed by several readers:

“…dynamic island stutters when transitioning to always-on-display. The animation… is not smooth as it was in previous versions.”

This appears to be a new iOS 16.1 issue. Let’s see if Apple will be able to address it by the public release, scheduled for Monday, October 24.

How To Fix Dynamic Island Stutter

You can try to reboot iPhone and see if it helps. However, this might be only a temporary workaround. We recommend the force restart combo.

Apple will have to fix this glitch by the public release, or in a subsequent software update.

Are you also experiencing the same issue? Did you find a better solution or have other bugs to report? Share your feedback in the comments.

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