Facebook Crashing When Typing New Post In iOS 16.1.1?

facebook crashing when typing

Facebook crashing when typing

Is Facebook crashing when typing a new post on iPhone? Does this happen after the iOS 16.1.1 update? It’s enough to type a single letter and the app crashes? If you re-open it remembers your draft but crashes again after every additional letter?

Facebook Crashing When Posting

This issue has been reported by Sharlene:

“Updated to 16.1.1 on iPhone 13 max pro. I am unable to post on Facebook. Just typing in one letter and FB crashes. When I open it back up, it comes up with the post I was trying to create, but keeps crashing with every keystroke.”

According to the same user Facebook also shows notifications, but they’re not available when opening the Notifications section. Instead the ‘No Notifications Yet’ message is displayed an the Notifications section won’t refresh.

This FB problem has been also confirmed by Bill for an iPhone SE.

We couldn’t replicate this unexpected behavior on our own devices and haven’t found any other similar complaints online!

Are you experiencing it too? Don’t hesitate to share it in the comments along with any useful info that could help us submit a documented feedback report.

How To Fix Facebook Crashing When Typing

Rebooting the iPhone doesn’t help!

1. Reinstall Facebook

Unfortunately, neither does offloading the app and reinstalling it shortly after! Confirmed by Sharelne.

Tip: However, you can still try this troubleshooting option, as the issue doesn’t seem to have a clear fix:
Settings -> General -> iPhone Storage -> Facebook -> Offload App -> Reinstall App.

(Update, November 25)

2. Update Facebook

It appears that Meta has released an update that fixes this issue:

  • Open the App Store app or tap on this Facebook direct download link.
  • Install the Facebook update.
  • Open app and try to post. Is it fixed now?
  • Credits: Thanks Gisela, Lisa and Cindy for confirming.

3. Reinstall iOS 16

There’s nothing else that we can recommend at the moment, excepting an iOS 16.1.1 clean install. Reinstalling via wire might clear bugs that have been generated by repeated over-the-air updates. Let us know if it helps!

Have you managed to fix Facebook crashing when trying to write a new post? Do you have a better solution or other issues to report? Share your feedback in the comments!

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