Facebook Launches Tuned A New App For Couples (Free)

Tuned a new app for couples by Facebook

Tuned a new app for couples by Facebook.

Facebook has revived its former Creative Labs development team, that was shutdown back in 2015. It’s now called NPE-team (New Product Experimentation Team) and has just launched a new app for iOS and Android Smartphones. Tuned is a new app for couples. The software is meant to provide a virtual private space for couples and act as a digital scrapbook of their relationship.

Tuned encourages couples to share messages, photos, voice memos, cards, notes and even Spotify songs with each other. The app should provide itself useful for those couples that are involved in long distance relationships. The connection is made via each partner’s phone number and doesn’t required the user to own a Facebook account. However, it’s aligned with Facebook’s data policy, which means that the app could be used for ad targeting.

Fact: The NPE-team product is are experimental and could significantly change or be completely shutdown if they don’t prove themselves useful.

How To Use Facebook’s Tuned App For Couples
tuned for ios love timeline 1. Download the app from the App Store. (Direct Download Link)
2. Open it and provide your phone number
3. Connect with your partner.
4. Start filling-up the love feed. Send stickers, photos, voice memos, cards notes and more to express your feelings.
6. Set your mood and check how your partner is feeling.
Tip: Connect your Spotify account to share songs and playlists with your loved one.

What do you think about Tuned? Do you plan to use it? Let us know in the comment section available below!

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