Facebook Messenger Now With Apple Watch Support

facebook messenger apple watch support

Facebook Messenger Apple Watch support.

It seems that Facebook has finally re-calibrated its priorities and is giving iOS the worthy amount of attention needed. After issuing several updates to both Facebook and Whatsapp App Store softwares and provided 3D Touch support for the newly released iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, Zuckerberg’s company has also upgraded Messenger for iOS and made it available for the Apple Watch. Yes, this means that you can now reply to chats directly from your wrist.

All that you need to do is make sure that your Watch is updated to watchOS 2. Then you have to upgrade Facebook Messenger to version 38.0. Of course, that you also need to download the app on your Watch. This will be done automatically if you’ve enabled the automatic app downloads feature or manually as follows!

How To Install Facebook Messenger on Apple Watch
facebook messenger watchos 2 home screen Step 1: Click here and upload or download the Facebook Messenger app on your iPhone. Make sure that you run version 38.0 or newer.
Step 2: Open the Apple Watch app on the same paired iOS device and browse to the My Watch tab.
Step 3: Scroll all the way down to the list with third party apps. Note that the softwares are listed alphabetically. Identify Messenger and tap on its label!
Step 4: Toggle the knob next to the Show App on Apple Watch label to the ON position and wait a couple of seconds until the software is uploaded to your wrist.

Facebook Messenger For WatchOS 2
facebook messenger apple watch reply options Until now, Apple Watch users were only able to receive notifications whenever a new message was received. The only option after reading was to Dismiss it. Now you have three additional selections:
Reply: opens up an options page that allows you to send a voice message, a predefined sticker, the thumbs up icon or your location.
Like: is a quick reply feature that sends a thumbs up to your conversation partner, informing him that you read the text message and agree with it.
Mute: silences the chat in question and lets your Apple Watch know, not to disturb you with other notifications.

5 messenger reply options from apple watch
dictating facebook messenger reply
facebook messenger apple watch stickers

Tip: You can also use Siri to dictate and send a text reply via Facebook Messenger!

Fact: The Messenger app is also accessible from the home screen app bundle. Tap on its icon to open it and browse the threads in order to read and reply to your conversations. There are currently no hidden Force Touch options available, but this could change with future updates. Stay tuned!