Facebook Scrapbook Now Available On iPhone

iphone create facebook scrapbook screen

Creating a Facebook Scrapbook On Your iPhone!

A new feature, called Scrapbook, has just been introduced to Facebook! It officially welcomes children on the popular social media website. All this is achieved through parental guidance, of course, and is dedicated to babies and kids up to 13 years of age, according to Dan Barack, Scrapbook’s product manager.

Scrapbook allows mothers and fathers to create an official photo collection of their child’s memorable moments. It’s practically a tag that you create and name it after your child. Every time when you add a photo you’ll be able to use this newly created tag to label your loved one. All tagged photos are added to the Scrapbook making everything more organized and convenient. It’s similar to using a hashtag on Twitter.

add your child to facebook profileHow To Create A Scrapbook
Log-in to Facebook and go to your Profile screen. Here tap on About and now go for Family and Relationships. Notice the notification that invites you to set up a scrapbook and click on Create Scrapbook. If your loved one is already added to your profile, simply tap Add Scrapbook, next to his/hers name. Do mind, that this new feature is currently only available in the U.S. on iOS, Android & Desktop computers.

Share Scrapbook Ownership With Your Partner
share scrapbook ownershipTo be able to add a co-owner to your child’s Scrapbook you have to be in a relationship with your partner on Facebook. If this is checked load your Profile page, tap Photos, navigate to Albums and select the desired Scrapbook. Now, tap Settings and hit Yes, to allow your partner to tag your kid. Now, your wife can: tag your baby in photos; will have a new item on their Timeline whenever your loved one is labeled in a picture; the audience of the tagged photos increases depending on the tagging setup and much more.

For What Else Can Scrapbooks Become Handy?
facebook scrapbook viewThe inventors of Scrapbook obviously aimed it for children, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t also create scrapbooks for other beings and even objects. As long as you label the tag with an appropriate name or nickname you can use it to organize photo collections for:
– Pets: track the lifetime of your favorite dog, cat or any other animal from within the household. Whenever you add a new photo use the Scrapbook tag assigned for it and your family stays in touch.
– Objects: You can even add a Scrapbook for your House. If you start building a new home assign a tag to it and label it every time you post photos with construction updates and other related news!