Find My Location Not Updating On iPhone In iOS 15

Find My location not updating in iOS 15

Find My location not updating in iOS 15

Is the Find My location not updating for contacts added to People in iOS 15? This appears to be yet another glitch that has found its way in the iOS 15.0 first-release version. We’re probably dealing with one of the buggiest major iOS releases in recent years!

Find My Location Not Updating Issue readers have reported that contacts listed under People, in the Find My app, that own devices updated to iOS 15 and iPadOS 15, don’t show updated location! In the same time, those that remained on iOS 14 continue to work normally!

Lindsay R. complains:

“Since myself and my son have updated to iOS 15, his device does not regularly update location in Find My app. My husbands locations updated as normal but he hasn’t updated yet… My sons location will update as normal on my husbands phone.”

Andy confirms the Find My location bug:

“Same problem with iOS 15 and Find My. ‘People’ do not sync with ‘device’. So under devices, child’s location is shown but under people, it doesn’t update!”

How To Fix Find My Location Not Updating?

At the moment, we’re not aware of a solution for this issue, we’ve already submitted feedback for it and Apple might include a fix in an upcoming update. iOS 15.1 Beta 2 is already available for public testers and the public release shouldn’t be too far away.

Can you also confirm this Find My location bug in iOS 15? Did you manage to find a workaround? Use the comments section and share your feedback.

Fact: We’ve recently reported an other Find My related issue, regarding the Notify when left behind feature, that’s greyed out and can’t be turned on for the Apple Watch!

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