First AR Apps & Games Ever Featured In The App Store

night sky featured app store ar app

Night Sky featured App Store AR app.

iOS 11 is live and so is the completely revamped App Store. Apple has hired curators to improve the iOS app marketplace, highlight the best applications available, provide developer success stories and a whole bunch of app bundles to suit everyone’s needs. But one particular app list stands out today. That’s because it features the first ever applications that have updated or have been specially developed to provide AR support.

Augmented Reality is natively available in the 11th iOS generation and with the help of the ARKit third party developers are able to enrich their software and provide user’s access to immersive scenes. The gaming industry will be revolutionized by this new dimension. Use your iPhone’s and iPad’s cameras and sensors to display your surroundings and overlay various data that will enhance your entertainment or help you become more productive.

AR Games Featured In The App Store
games with ar support features in the app storeCheck out the first games that are highlighted as augmented reality resources:
1. Euclidean Lands ($3.99)
2. Flat Pack (FREE)
3. Let’s Stack AR! ($0.99)
4. Kings of Pool (FREE)
5. Warhammer 40,000 (FREE)
6. PuzzlAR: World Tour ($2.99)
7. Splitter Critters ($2.99)
8. The Machines (FREE)
9. Stack AR (FREE)
10. Zombie Gunship Revenant AR (FREE)
11. Lila’s Tale: Stealth ($1.99)
12. ARise ($2.99)
13. AR Dragon (FREE)
14. My Country (FREE)

AR Apps Feature In The App Store
apps with ar support featured in app store Below you can find a list with the first augmented reality apps ever to be featured in the App Store:
1. Night Sky (FREE)
2. magicplan (FREE)
3. Thomas & Friends Minis (FREE)
4. Monster Park – Dino World (FREE)
5. Holo (FREE)
6. Little Friends Dance ($2.99)
8. Human Anatomy Atlas 2018 ($0.99)
9. RunGO – Voice Guided Running (FREE)
10. Miaow – AR Pet (FREE)
11. Graphmented (FREE)
12. App in the Air (FREE)
13. Paint Space AR (FREE)
14. 3-in-1 Ruler (FREE)
15. Dubface (FREE)
16. Redbubble (FREE)
17. Fitness AR ($2.99)
18. MeasureKit (FREE)

Fact: Before you download make sure that your iPhone or iPad is AR compatible. Not all iOS devices that support the 11th iOS generation are also able to play AR apps.