iOS 14 Third-Party Widgets Not Showing Up? Here Is the Fix!

iOS 14 widgets missing

iOS 14 widgets missing?

iOS 14 adds Home Screen widgets to any compatible iPhone. This helps users to get glanceable info and be one-tap away from opening their favorite apps. Both stock and third-party applications can support widgets as long as they’re updated to the iOS 14 standards.

However, third-party apps seem to have a functionality problem. A series of users complained to us that widgets don’t show up in the ‘Add Widgets’ section, although the apps in question have been updated or freshly downloaded from the App Store and they’ve been marketed with compatibility for the new Home Screen widgets feature.

How To Fix Missing Home Screen Widgets

We’re not sure if this is a bug or this actually is the ‘modus operandi’, but apparently you have to open the third-party app, after you update or download it, in order to enable its widget. The fix is simple, if the widget is missing from the ‘Add Widgets’ section, run its app and check again. The new glance should show up now in the Available Widgets list.

Is this a bug?

The fact that some third-party widgets work out of the box and that iPhone users report different feedback for the same app, makes us conclude that a glitch is preventing the glances from being displayed straightaway in the widgets list.
It’s not clear if the problem is caused by the iPhone model, user’s location or other factors.
You can help us to reach a better conclusion by commenting to this article and informing us if widgets show up as soon as you download an app, or you have to use the above trick to troubleshoot.

How To Fix Home Screen Widgets Not Working

If you applied the tip presented above and widgets still don’t work or you’re not able to add them on the Home Screen, please check that your device is running the public release of iOS 14.
We already debugged this issue on iPhones that were running an outdated iOS 14 beta version. Check your current software version in Settings -> General -> About -> Software Version and tap on the 14.0 to get build number.
The iOS 14 public release version number is 18A373. If your device displays 14.0 but the build number is different it means that you’re running an outdated version.
To fix this please follow the steps described here.

Fix For Third-Party Widgets Video Tutorial

We’ve also exemplified this fix in our latest YouTube video. Watch it and see how to fix, add and use Home Screen widgets in iOS 14.

How To Add Widgets To Home Screen

how to add duckduckgo widget to iOS 14 Home Screen
1. Long-press on the Home Screen until you enter the edit mode.
2. Tap the ‘+’ icon, available in the top-left corner of the screen.
3. Scroll through the ‘Add Widgets’ section and tap on the glance’s name.
4. Swipe for the desired size and layout.
5. Tap ‘Add Widget’ to bring it on your Home Screen.
Tip: Drag & drop the glance in the desired position and to the preferred Home Screen page.

Thid-party apps are updating with Home Screen glances for your iPhone as we speak. We’ve already created a collection of more than 50 apps that provide widgets for iOS 14.

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