How To Fix macOS Monterey Not Enough Free Space To Install

macOS Monterey not enough free space to install

macOS Monterey not enough free space to install.

Are you trying to update to macOS 12 but you’re faced with the macOS Monterey not enough free space to install issue? This is a common problem experienced by MacBook owners with low amount of storage space. macOS 12.0.1 requires almost 40 GB of free space to deploy and install itself on a Mac!

macOS Monterey Not Installing

macOS Monterey not enough space to install
You’ve downloaded macOS 12.0.1 in System Preferences -> Software Update and are now trying to update.

However, you get the error saying “The target volume does not have enough free space to install”. macOS also informs about the additional free space required for the update to be installed, on the selected disk.

This happens after clicking the ‘install macOS Monterey’ file. You click Continue and are prompted to select the drive that you want to install macOS 12 on.

However, after selecting Macintosh HD the above info message is displayed, hovering on top of the disk’s thumbnail and the ‘Continue’ button is greyed out!

How To Fix macOS Monterey Not Enough Free Space Error

There are two ways you can create additional space for the macOS 12 update:

1. Delete Big Files

how to manage MacBook storage

  • Click on the Apple logo available in the top-left corner of the menu bar.
  • Go for About This Mac.
  • Click on Storage, in the horizontal header.
  • Next, go for Manage and use the available options to get additional storage space: Store in iCloud, Optimize Storage, Empty Trash and Reduce Clutter.

2. Install macOS Monterey From External Drive

copy install macos Monterey to external ssd
If you applied all the steps described above and the Macs available storage is still not enough, you can free up an additional 12.17 GB, by using an external disk for the installation process.

If you have an external drive that’s large enough, you can copy the install macOS Monterey file to the external drive and delete it from your MacBook. This will free up over 12 GB on your computer as you can create an alias and run the installation from the external disk.

How to install macOS Monterey from SSD

how to make alias for macos monterey install

  • Quit the macOS Monterey installer from the Dock.
  • Connect an external SSD to your Mac and open Finder.
  • Copy and Paste the install macOS Monterey file to the external drive.
  • Right-click on install macOS Monterey and go for Make Alias
  • Copy and paste the alias to your desktop.
  • Delete the install macOS Monterey file from your Mac.
  • Fact: At this point check your MacBook storage once again. Do you have the additional 12 GB. If they don’t show up you need to restart Mac.

  • Double-click on the install macOS Monterey alias, available on your desktop. The installer will boot from your external drive.
  • Click Continue and select the Macintosh HD internal drive
  • macOS Monterey installation fixed

  • Continue should be responsive now, click it and the macOS Monterey installation will begin.
  • Fact: The process lasts up to 1 hour and your MacBook will automatically reboot before it completes.

External SSDs for Mac
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– I recommend the SanDisk 1TB Extreme Portable SSD

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Have you managed to free up space and install macOS Monterey? Do you have any questions or need additional tips? Use the comments section and share your feedback.

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