Game Of Brightness A Game Created In The Shortcuts App (iOS 14)

Game Of Brightness iOS 14 Shortcuts Game

Game Of Brightness iOS 14 Shortcuts Game

User Dipin476 has recently shared on Reddit, a game that he created with the help of the stock Shortcuts app in iOS 14.

What’s so special about the Game of Brightness? Well, it’s practically a shortcut that runs a game coded with functions available in the Shortcuts app. As soon a you download the shortcut, you’re able to play a simple, but yet enticing game that requires you to set the iPhone brightness level to the percentage indicated by the AI.

The Game of Brightness shows how complex and powerful Shortcuts can be in iOS and iPadOS 14! To play it, you have to download the shortcut, run it in the Shortcuts app, select the difficulty level and open the Control Center. Open the expanded view of the Brightness toggle and have fun!

How To Play Game Of Brightness Shortcuts Game

Download Game Of Brightness

how to download game of brightness

  • 1. Download the shortcut from Routinehub. (Direct link)
  • 2. Tap Get Shortcut.
  • 3. Hit Open to confirm that you want to download it.
  • 4. Scroll the Add Shortcut screen to review the shortcut and tap on Add Untrusted Shortcut.

Play Game Of Brightness

how to play game of brightness

  • 5. In the Shortcuts app, tap on the My Shortcuts tab.
  • 6. Tap on Game Of Brightness.
  • 7. Select the level of difficulty. You can choose from: Easy, Normal, Hard, Superhard. I recommend to start slow.
  • 8. Swipe-down from the top-right corner to open Control Center.
  • 9. Long-press on the Brightness toggle to bring up the expanded view.
  • 10. Drag your finger on the screen to adjust brightness level of your device, to the percentage indicated by Siri!

Game Of Brightness Gameplay

If you’re accurate enough, you win the round and the classic iOS notification sound is played. The next round starts automatically and you get another Brightness percentage challenge.
If you’re too far off, your prompted with the ‘You lost…’ audio message and the game is over. A banner notification slides down from the top of the screen, informing you how many rounds you won and what brightness level you set in the round that caused you to lose the game.
You’re asked if you want to play again and have three options:

  • Try the same difficulty again.
  • Try again and adjust the level of difficulty.
  • Quit the game. Brightness will be reset to the level used before your started playing.

Fact: The more you increase the difficulty level the more accurate you have to be. The Superhard level requires to set brightness to the exact percentage indicated by Siri, while the other levels allow you a certain percentage of deviation. The Easy has a tolerance to error of around 5%.

Game Of Brightness Not Working?

Is the app getting stuck after you win Round 1? You most likely, did not allow ‘Game Of Brightness’ to run other Shortcuts.
Tap on Shortcut Details if you get a prompt about this, or edit the shortcut manually and enable the toggle next to Shortcuts, in the Allow ‘Game Of Brightness’ To Access section.
Restart the game!

This is the first Shortcuts game that we ever played and found it quite interesting! Do you like the Game Of Brightness? Let us know using the comments section available below.

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