GET and GET+ Buttons Replace FREE Label in App Store

new app store get and get+ buttons

New App Store GET and GET+ buttons.

If you visited the App Store in the past few hours, you must have surly noticed that, almost every new application for your iOS Device prompts a GET or GET+ button. If your mind flashed the thought: ‘Wait a moment, it should’ve been labeled FREE or FREE+ !’, I can guarantee that you where not the only one.

Most of us here at the office have had the same reaction. OK, so what’s going on? Well, it seems the Apple has decided to change almost all FREE labels to GET buttons, in order to avoid lawsuits. Many users complained that the FREE label is confusing and that it isn’t normal for an application to be called free and then ask for In-App Purchases.

More, important it seems that Apple have reacted to the warning issued by the European Commission which flagged the FREE button as misleading, when games or any other apps ask for in-app purchases to provide certain advantages or features.

It seems that the Cupertino-based company has chosen to maintain the FREE label only for apps owned by them, where they’re sure that extra money won’t be ever charged. The rest of completely free of charge apps are labeled now as GET, because there is no certainty that a future update might start to ask its users for money and cause legal trouble. Apps that are free but offer in-app purchases, formerly labeled as FREE+ are now named GET+.

Other apps that are paid remain unchanged. Instead of the GET or FREE labels, their buttons are figures with the value asked for the purchase. Similarly, the OPEN label remains unchanged for those apps that you’ve already downloaded and are installed on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Apps used and deleted display the same cloud icon.

Boards and social media websites exploded today with discussion upon this subject and many consider GET a poor choice, because it sounds awkward. In my opinion a more friendly tag would have been ENJOY. What do you think?

GET, GET+, FREE+ Button Demo
Convince yourself about this latest App Store change and check out the following apps to see the new labels. Tap the link below and you’ll be redirected to the App Store:
GETMoovit: Live Transit App for Bus Train Metro Subway with Map Schedules and Next Bus (public transportation app)
GET+Photo Editor by Aviary (Photo and video editor)
FREE+iMovie – by Apple (video application)