‘Get To Know Your Mac’ Notification Bug Names Any Mac A MacBook Air

get to know your mac notification bug

‘Get to know your Mac’ notification bug.

Apple has just pushed a ‘Get To Know Your Mac’ notification to Mac owners that have updated to macOS Big Sur. However the banner notification comes with a bug, because it names any Mac a MacBook Air, no matter if it’s triggered on a desktop or laptop macOS machine.

The erroneous notification reads: ‘Take a quick tour to learn more about your MacBook Air.’ With MacBook Air being displayed, on every macOS Big Sur computer out there. It doesn’t matter, if you own the new M1 MacBook Pro, an older Intel-based MacBook Pro, a Mac Mini with Apple’s new Silicon chip, an older iMac and so on!

‘Get To Know Your Mac’ Notification Error

It seems that the Apple developer that pushed this alert, has forgot to replace the default MacBook Air text string, from the end of the message, with a [computer model name] variable!
This is a minor visual glitch. However, it can easily confuse new Mac owners or at least make them check twice if they bought the correct model, or if they accidentally ended up with a MacBook Air instead.

How To Check Mac Model

M1 MacBook Pro device model confirmation
To quickly verify the exact model of your machine tap the Apple logo, available in the top-left corner of the screen and select About This Mac. In the Overview tab, below the macOS Big Sur version, you can find the exact Model of your device, as well as info about Processor, Memory, Graphics and Serial Number.

‘Get To Know Your Mac’ Notification

Getting back to the notification, you can tap it and a Safari tab opens up, with an Apple.com page, that advertises the ‘new M1 MacBook Air’. (Direct link available here)

    You get nine slides with info about:

  • Apple M1 Chip.
  • macOS Big Sur made for Apple M1 chip.
  • MacBook Air Retina Display (Picture Perfect).
  • Touch ID and unlocking Mac with a fingerprint.
  • New shortcut keys for Magic Keyboard.
  • Trackpad gestures.
  • Siri voice control.
  • Apple services.
  • Keep exploring: New to Mac? & Get the free MacBook Air guide.

Have you also received the faulty ‘Get To Know Your Mac’ notification? Did it manage to confuse you? Use the comments section and share your feedback!

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