Goat Simulator Selected As Free App of the Week 50

Goat Simulator gone FREE in App Store.

Goat Simulator gone FREE in App Store.

If you always wished to be a goat, you’re now a single step away from fulfilling your dream. The Goat Simulator app for iPhone and iPad is the perfect solution when you feel stressed out and aim to release the pressure, by playing a destruction game built for iOS. Don’t expect shiny graphics or bug-free gameplay. Just commit to impersonate a goat and create chaos in your virtual surroundings.

Normally you would have to pay $5 for this sadomasochist type of fun, but this is your lucky day! Apple has included Goat Simulator in the Free App of the Week campaign. It’s the 50th week of 2016 and you can save 5 bucks if you hurry up and download this software now. If you can only find alleviation while spending money, you can also opt for the game’s single in-app purchase, that unlocks all goat “models” available.

goat simulator free app of the week Download Goat Simulator for iOS
Use this official App Store download link to install the app on your iPhone or iPad. Tap “Get”, followed by “Install” after the App Store page opens app. Be patient for the game to install and hit “Open” to start playing. Prepare yourself to wreck everything that you come in contact with. The game is rated as 9+ but I think that scenes labeled as crude humor or fantasy violence are quite intense. Witnessing how your goat is hit by the truck, run over by the train, crashing from a helicopter could be too much for a 9-year-old.

Goat Simulator Facts
– the app is recently updated and even comes with an iMessage app extension that brings goat stickers to your iPhone or iPad.
– the software is quite expansive taking up around 416 MB of storage space. Those of you with 16GB iPhone models might feel cramped down. If this is the case to check out these 20 ways of freeing up disk space on your iOS device.
– Goat Simulator requires your Apple smartphone or table to run iOS 6.0 or later.
– Winter theme that matches the holidays is also available starting with version 1.9.1.

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