Google Maps Updates With New Directions Widget And iMessage App

google maps directions widget for ios

Google Maps Directions widget for iOS.

Google has just issued version 4.30.0 for their popular Google Maps iOS app. The new software adds a handy new widget that allows you to get new Directions directly from the lock screen of your iPhone or iPad. This means that you can have a glance at your route without needing to open the app or unlock your Apple smartphone. It makes navigation more convenient and it also allows you to safely borrow your device to a friend without risking to expose other sensible info.

This Google Maps update also comes with a new iMessage app that now allows you to share your static location with your contacts, without switching away from the conversation thread. Yet another feature that makes communication more efficient and precise. Last but not least, you also have to know that the upgrade includes bug fixes that make this great app closer to being glitch-free.

How To Install & Use Google Maps Directions Widget
how to enable directions widget To be able to use the new widget you have to update the app to the latest version. Download Google Maps from the official App Store page and be patient until the software is unpacked and installed on your iPhone or iPad.
1. Grab your iOS device and swipe-right to open the widgets screen.
2. Scroll all the way down until you reach the Edit icon. Tap it to open the Add Widgets page.
3. Scroll for the More Widgets section and tap on the green “+” icon next to the Directions label.
4. Notice how the new widget is added to the widget panel. Tap & drag it in the desired position.
5. Tap Done to save your selections and return to the iOS widgets view.
6. Notice the Directions widget. Tap it and get redirected to the Google Maps home screen to start a new journey or glance at it every time you need to check an ongoing navigation.

Fact: Directions is the third Google Maps widget for iOS. The other two glances available are Public Transport Nearby and Nearby Traffic. Both of them use your iPhone’s Location Services to determine your GPS coordinates and provide info about the public transport service and about how crowded the traffic is in your immediate neighborhood.

how to send location via google mapsHow To Send Static Location With Google Maps iMessage App
Once you grab Google Maps 4.30.00 or later its corresponding iMessage app will be automatically installed within Messages. This of course if the Automatically Add Apps option is active in the iMessage App Store settings menu. To send your location from the conversation thread act as follows:
1. Within an iMessage chat, Tap the App Store icon, available next to the text input field.
2. Tap the 4-dots icon, available in the bottom-left corner, to bring up the available iMessage apps.
3. Swipe-rigt until your reach the Google Maps icon. Tap it.
4. Hit Send and your current GPS coordinates are sent to your conversation partner.
Fact: You need to have your Location Services active for this feature to work. Enable them from Settings -> Privacy -> Location Services.