Halide Updates With iPhone XR Portrait Mode For Pets And Other Objects

Halide has extended Portrait Mode support for iPhone XR

Halide has extended Portrait Mode support for iPhone XR.

One of the most popular third-party photo & video app for iOS has just updated with additional support for the new iPhone XR. Apple’s budget 2018 flagship was released with a significant limitation when it comes to the spectacular Portrait Mode camera feature. The native Camera app can only provide photos with depth effect for human subjects. However, Chroma Noir LLC has been fast to react and has rolled out an update for Halide which addresses this limitation.

If you own an iPhone XR and update to version 1.11.0 you can apply the Portrait Mode effect to pets and various other subjects. This isn’t the only extra functionality that comes for the XR model in this Halide update. The Smart RAW feature that’s been introduced for the iPhone XS is also available for the 6.1-inch LCD iPhone. This allows the app to optimize RAW images captured in auto-exposure mode, in order to obtain the lowest noise and optimal dynamic range.

How To Use iPhone XR Portrait Mode With Halide
1. First of all make sure that your iPhone runs the latest version of the Halide app. Download / update here (direct App Store link).
2. Open the app and tap on “Depth” to enable the “Depth Capture” feature, also known as Portrait Mode in the stock Camera app.
3. Snap the photo, of any object (and not just a human subject) and the blur effect is added to your image. You can edit the bokeh effect in the Photos app.

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