Have You Ever Used iPhone’s Reader Button?

iPhone reader button

iPhone’s Safari Reader Button in use.

I bet that you still end up navigating daily on websites that still aren’t optimized for smartphones and mobile devices. Thus you will have a harder time reading the available information. Most of the time you need to pinch-to-zoom in order to make the text visible, might end-up clicking on various ads that will navigate you away from the page, or similar stuff only leads to wasted time.

However, your iPhone jumps again to the rescue. The Safari Reader Button is an extremely helpful feature that makes unoptimized web-pages perfectly readable. Check the nearby image for a hands-on example. I’m frequently visiting Healthadel.com for various health tips, but the website is not optimized for mobile devices. Thus I’m using the built-in Safari Reader Button for proper reading.

How To Use The Reader Button
This tool automatically becomes available when you load an unoptimized web-page in your Safari browser. The Reader Button appears on the left side of the address bar. You only need to tap and the enhanced reading option is activated. Tap again after you finish reading to disable it and continue browsing.

active vs inactive reader button
Notice that ads and all other elements that could hinder your reading are eliminated, text becomes larger. A downside is that sidebars and most other navigation hyperlinks become not available and you have to deactivate enhanced reading, to be able to continue to browse the website.

Safari Reader Button Demo
If images and text are not enough check the video that I recorded for you below and learn how to use the iPhone’s Reader Button!