Have You Noticed The Dynamic iOS Flashlight Knob?

dynamic iphone flashlight knob

Dynamic iPhone Flashlight Knob!

Today I learned that my iPhone’s flashlight icon comes with an animation that flips the knob up and down, depending on the status of the beacon. While the torch is OFF the icon shows the switch in its original, down position. However, check the nearby image and notice how the knob is displayed in the ON position when the lantern shines ahead!

Yes, I’m talking about your iPhone’s or iPad’s flashlight feature, accessible from the iOS Control Center. It’s the icon in the bottom left corner, which enables or disables your Camera’s flash.

You can also observe that the flashlight icon background also changes to reflect the status of your iPhone’s torch. It’s dark when the lantern is OFF and gets bright when the spotlight is activated! I know that this trick doesn’t bring anything useful to the Flashlight app, but such little things contribute to making iOS special!

How To Switch Flashlight Off From iPhone Lock Screen
iphone flashlight on off statusBut here is also a handy trick that allows you to switch your flashlight off, without needing to unlock your iPhone and swipe up for the Control Center. This is a time saver and can be used whenever you’re in a hurry or simply wanna look cool.

When the flashlight of your iPhone is ON and you don’t need it anymore, simply light up the screen of your, press the camera shortcut icon available in the bottom right corner of your display and swipe up! Swipe halfway to switch out the flashlight and release, or complete the swipe to open Camera app!

iphone camera lock screen shortcut turning flashlight off from lock screen

Enable Control Center on Lock Screen
To improve access to the Flashlight switch you can visit Settings -> Control Center and enable Access on Lock Screen. This way you can swipe up for the Control Center panel even when your iPhone is locked!