HomePod 15.2 Features, Improvements And Bug Fixes

HomePod 15.2 update

HomePod 15.2 update

Apple has released HomePod 15.2 for the original HomePod smart speaker, as well as the HomePod mini. The update comes with a few new features, performance improvements and bug fixes.

HomePod 15.2 Download

As most Apple devices HomePods are able to automatically install software updates. However, this will only happen in a couple of days time. If you want to force the update right now here is what you have to do:
how to update to HomePod 15.2

  • Open the Home app on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Tap the house icon available in the top-right corner of the screen.
  • Go for Home Settings.
  • Scroll to Software Update.
  • Tap Update (Update All) as soon as HomePod 15.2 is found.

Fact: HomePod 15.2 version update file is 467.7 MB large.

HomePod 15.2 Download Stuck?

Is your HomePod not able to download Version 15.2? All you get is spinning circles even after waiting for tens of minutes?

Fix: Try to Restart HomePod! Long-press on HomePod thumbnail and scroll all the way down to Reset HomePod. Tap it and select Restart HomePod in the quick actions menu.

HomePod 15.2 Features

HomePod 15.2 features
The release notes of this version mention the following changes:

  • Apple Music Voice Plan support for the most recent, budget ($4.99) Apple Music subscription that allows you to access the music library via Siri only.
  • Siri Voice Recognition extended to more languages including:
    – Dutch (Belgium, Netherlands)
    – French (Belgium, Switzerland)
    – German (Switzerland)
    – Italian (Switzerland)
    – Russian
  • To be updated! (If you spot any other changes, use the comments section to share them and we will update them here.)

HomePod 15.2 Bugs Fixed

Apple does mention in the update log that this version comes with stability improvements, without providing any details.

  • HomeKit Siri issues (Status: -)
  • To be updated!

HomePod 15.2 New Bugs

If encounter any new errors after updating please share them in the comments section and we will try to replicate and provide workarounds or fixes:

  • ‘Your Apple ID or Password is incorrect’ error
  • Hey Siri, can’t stop ambient sounds issue
  • Siri not working on HomePod.
  • There was a problem with Apple Music error

Have you updated to HomePod 15.2? Share your feedback! Use the comments section.

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