HomePod Handoff Too Sensitive? Stop Handoff On iPhone!

homepod handoff too sensitive

HomePod Handoff too sensitive?

HomePod handoff too sensitive for your setup? You’ve placed a HomePod on your desk but it’s constantly generating handoff notifications on iPhone? This is annoying and reduces productivity in the long term!

HomePod Handoff Issues

This problem has been reported by Flora:

“I just got a new Homepod mini and have it on my desk. It generates requests on my iPhone all the time! Can I turn them off?”

Handoff notifications can be annoying indeed when you’re not intending to commute audio from one device to the other!

How To Stop Handoff From HomePod

You have two options to fix these unwanted notifications:

1. Turn Off In Settings

  • On iPhone, open the Settings app.
  • Go for General -> AirPlay & Handoff.
  • Turn OFF Transfer to HomePod.
  • Fact: The downside of this fix is if you own more HomePods. It will disable handoff between your iPhone and all your HomePods. You can’t select just the one on your desk.

2. Increase Distance

Another option to make HomePod handoff less sensitive is to increase the distance between the two devices.

For example, you can place the HomePod in the top-right corner of your desk and your iPhone in the opposite direction, the bottom-left corner or vice-versa.

Tip: To avoid surprises we recommend a distance bigger than 25cm or 10 inches. If there’s not enough room on your desk for this, you can opt for a Homepod wall mount!

Have you managed to stop the annoying handoff requests from your HomePod? Do you have other issues to report? Share your feedback in the comments!

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