HomePod OS 16 Problems, Features, Bugs And Fixes

HomePod 16 update

HomePod 16 update

Apple has released HomePod OS 16 with performance and stability improvements. Check out what’s new, inform yourself about the bugs fixed, as well as fresh problems along with available workarounds!

HomePod OS 16 Update

homepod 16 download
This release is available, over-the-air, in the Home app:
Go for Menu (top-right corner) -> Home Settings -> Software Update.

HomePod 16 should be recognize and automatically start downloading.

Tip: This will take a while, continue your activity and you’ll get a notification on your iPhone and Mac when the update is prepared for installing.

HomePod OS 16 Features

According to the release notes this update comes with general performance and stability improvements.

However, minor changes and bug fixes might still be included. Report them in the comments.

HomePod OS 16 Problems

Common issues occurring in this version are highlighted here:

  • 1. Stuck on update downloading. Be patient, Apple’s servers are busy today and it might take longer than expected for the new update to be downloaded.
  • 2. Siri not able to set Timer, “This is taking longer than expected!” is her reply.
  • 3. Siri not able to recognize users. “Hey Siri, who am I?” returns “I’m not sure who’s speaking!” or “I do not know who you are” Reported by Santiago.
  • 4. HomePod mini laggy after update and failing to execute commands. Reported by Kelly.
    Fix: Restart HomePod.
  • 5. HomePod not remembered as default setting for audio output on Apple TV running tvOS 16. Reported by Allan.
  • 6. HomePods can’t be controlled remotely anymore, user has to be within Bluetooth range. Reported by Todd.
  • 7. Audio cutting out during AirPlay. Reported by Paul.
  • To be updated! (Contribute in the comments!)
  • Fact: There are no Developer release notes available for this software.

HomePod 16 Bug Fixes

Issues encountered in the previous releases might have been patched by this one. Below you have a list with problems reported as fixed:

  • To be updated! (Contribute in the comments!)
  • Fact: Apple doesn’t issue security content documents for HomePod updates.

Have you updated to HomePod 16? What’s your feedback? Did you spot any changes not mentioned in this article? What about bugs? Share them in the comments.

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