Hot Tip To Maximize Your iPhone X Pre-Order Success!

256 gb iphone x silver

256 GB Silver iPhone x Silver.

The iPhone ‘Ten’ pre-sale is a few hours away and I’m ready to share with a great hint that could ensure your success in the upcoming iPhone X pre-order rush. I’ve already written an article, almost a week ago highlighting 5 essential tips for maximizing your chances of being able to book the edge-to-edge OLED display iPhone online, in time, to get the launch day delivery clearance.

Now, after checking various poll results on social media websites and major iOS discussion forums, as well as taking in account past iPhone pre-order tendencies, I’m able to offer you a precious tip can get you the bezel-less iPhone in front of your doorstep on November 3! Of course that the above mentioned tips still apply and you should check each of them too, but adding this one will considerably increase your success potential!

Hot Tip: Pick the 64 or 256 GB Silver iPhone X!

iphone x pre-order poll comparison

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Why? Because it’s the finish that has constantly received the least number of votes in polls asking customers to which iPhone X model they intend to purchase. This means that you have the best chances of finding one available for launch day delivery!
Conclusion: It’s not a surprising result. Both finishes have tiny black bezel on the front side. The Space Gray simply looks better and has a better matching backside, attracting the majority of votes. When we compare the two Silver finishes the 64 GB model gets the least amount of votes from the pair.
Past Tendencies: Past iPhone pre-orders have always ended up with the cheaper iPhone version being sold out first. The iPhone 7 depleted its stock before the 7 Plus and the same happened with their predecessors! More, we are unaware if Apple’s iPhone X stocks split equally between 64 GB and 256 GB models. If you ask me I would opt for the 256 GB Silver iPhone X as being the last model of the 4 available, to run out of supply!

Fact: Yes, opting for the most expensive and ‘ugliest’ model of the lineup could sound as a too big compromise for some, but if you’re willing to go all the way in order to be an early adopter of the iPhone X, the sacrifice could be worth it!

Still undecided? Check what to pick?… the 64 GB or 256 GB iPhone X!

Tip: Check our iPhone X pre-order live countdown timer and get ready for the upcoming ‘race’! Good luck!