How To Bring Portrait Mode On Your iPhone If You Aren’t A 7 Plus Owner

iPhone 7 Depth Effect with Portrait Mode

iPhone 7 Depth Effect with Portrait Mode.

iOS 10.1 is about the be released for the general public and along with it, Apple will bring the promised Camera Portrait Mode option for all iPhone 7 Plus owners. During our iOS 10.1 beta testing, we’ve already shown you some great photos snapped with this option, that brings the spectacular Bokeh effect to your smartphone. The feature basically creates a depth-of-field impression around a focused subject using the 7 Plus’s revolutionary dual lens camera. The results are impressive and portrayed humans and objects are highlighted in an unique way.

Apparently the major downside is that, as mentioned above, only iPhone 7 Plus can officially enjoy this new feature. The great news is that the effect of Bokeh can be enabled on any iPhone model starting with the iPhone 7 released a month ago and ending with the iPhone 4. That’s because third party software can be used to simulate the depth of field effect around a focused subject, using the 3D representation of an actual lens! Read on and learn how to bring Portrait Mode on any iPhone model!

tadaa slr app store page Download Tadaa SLR From App Store
If you were afraid that I’ll ask you to jailbreak your iOS device, you can relax just about now. Portrait Mode on an iPhone SE, 6S, iPhone 6, 5S, 5C, 4S and 4 is achieved with the help of a third party iOS app, available in the App Store. Of course, there isn’t a single app that’s doing the job, but I tested out a few of them and the one that I recommend the most is called Tadaa SLR.
Use the official download link to install the app on your device.

tadaa slr app print screen How To Snap Photos With Bokeh Effect
Creating the depth-of-field effect with the help of the Tadaa SLR app is very easy, as easy as saying 1, 2, 3.
1. Open the app and snap a picture of a subject that you want to highlight!
2. Select the Focus area!
3. Allow Tadaa SLR to tweak your capture and apply depth-of-field on the focused subject.
Fact: You can create the Bokeh effect on a person, animal or any object that you want to stand out in your frame.

iPhone 7 Plus Portrait Mode How To Use Portrait Mode With iPhone 7 Plus
If you’re the happy owner of the latest 5.5-inch display iPhone, grab the iOS 10.1 public beta and you’ll get native access to the Bokeh effect.
Open the Camera app and swipe left for Portrait Mode. The option is available next to the Photo and Square picture snapping modes. Tap the iPhone screen on the area that you want to highlight with the help of the depth-of-field effect and capture your picture.

Tip: If you want to bring Portrait Mode on your iPhone but you’re not ready to spend a couple of bucks for the Tadaa SLR app, you can achieve similar results with a free App Store application called Bitpoem!