How To Open And Exit The Control Center On iPhone X

iphone x control center

iPhone X Control Center.

Perhaps one the changes that you have the most difficult time to accommodate to when upgrading to Apple’s 10th anniversary iPhone is the way you invoke the Control Center. Of course, that the biggest and obvious change is the disappearance of the Home button which vanished to make room for the spectacular bezel-less screen. This automatically triggered a lot of changes in the way iOS 11 works on the iPhone X because all the Home button functions had to be re-assigned and replaced by various swipe gestures and Side button actions.

These permutations have also forced Apple to change the way the Control Center is unveiled. In previous models a swipe-up from the bottom of the screen would bring up the iPhone’s command center. However, if you perform the same gesture on the iPhone X you’ll bring up the App Switcher. This will only help you to multitask and force quit apps when needed!

Show The Control Center On iPhone X
swipe down for iphone x control centerHow To: Swipe-down from the right ‘ear’ of the iPhone X to bring up the Control Center!
Extra Tip: Do it one-handed with the help of the iPhone X Reachability feature. Swipe-down on the gesture bar to bring down the top area of the screen. Next, swipe-down on the right ear to activate Control Center!
Fact: Besides toggling your iPhone’s connectivity and gaining access to a series of shortcuts like Flashlight switch, Low Power Mode toggle, Screen Recording button and much more, the iPhone X also displays the remaining battery percentage next to the battery icon in the top-right corner of the screen.

Exit iPhone X Control Center
How To: In previous iPhone models a Home button press is used to return to the Home screen and close the Control Center. On the iPhone X you have to tap the edges of the Control Center template to hide this shortcut menu and return to the previous screen.

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