How To Bulk Delete Bullying Comments In Instagram

How to bulk delete comments in Instagram

How to bulk delete comments in Instagram.

Instagram has recently been updated with a series of new features that target online bullying on its platform. The app now allows account holders to bulk delete negative comments. More, you can now also easily control the user groups that are allowed to tag or mention your account in comments, captions and Stories. This is an additional filter for eliminating unwanted interactions, allowing you to be permissive as up to today or only permit people that you follow to tag you. You can go to the extreme and restrict tagging completely.

The Facebook-owned social media app also announced the future release of the Pinned comments feature. This will allow users to provide a better exposure to quality reactions to their posts. To enable all the above mentioned changes on your iPhone you have to update to the latest version of Instagram.

How To Bulk Delete Comments In Instagram
how to bulk delete comments in Instagram from iPhone 1. Tap on the comment-thread that you want to moderate.
2. Select Manage comments from the pop-up menu.
3. Cherry-pick the comments that you want to delete.
4. Tap Delete.
Tip: If you discover an abusing account you can tap “More options” instead of deleting and block the accounts in question or restrict them from commenting on your posts.
Fact: If you want to keep a post clean and maintain the clarity of your message you can disable comments altogether, by selecting Comment controls -> Turn off commenting.

How To Edit Tag Permissions In Instagram
how to edit tag permissions in Instagram 1. Open Instagram and select the Profile page view (tap Profile icon in bottom-right corner of the screen).
2. Tap the Menu icon (three horizontal lines), available in the top-right corner of the screen.
3. Select Settings.
4. Tap on Privacy.
5. Open the Tags menu and review the Allow Tags From options. Default setting is Everyone, but you can restrict it to the People You Follow or to No One.
Fact: You can also decide to manually approve tags in photos and videos. However, when enabled this setting might reduce the amount of the exposure that you’re getting because people will be informed about your limitations when they attempt to tag you.

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