How To Buy A Brand New iPhone XS Or XR For $699 Respectively $449

iphone xs for 699 and iphone xr for 449

Limited Time – iPhone XS for 699 and iPhone XR for 449.

Apple is currently providing a limited time trade-in deal that allows you to get substantial discounts when purchasing one of the 2018 iPhone flagship. To grab this deal you have to give back an older iPhone in exchange. Depending on the model and the state of your iOS device, you get a trade-in valuation. The credit you can use to deduct from the price of a brand new iPhone XS or iPhone XR purchase. The maximum discount that you can grab is $300. This trade-in value is awarded for returning an iPhone 7 Plus that’s in good shape.

The good news though is that you can also sum up discounts. If you own several older iPhone models, you can give back all of them and add-up their trade-in value until you reach the maximum of $300. This allows you to purchase a brand new iPhone XS for as low as $699. The 6.1-inch LCD iPhone XR is also included in this campaign and available for $449, if you your trade-in credit is maximal.

What’s The Trade-In Value Of My iPhone
As mentioned above, the trade-in value is determined by the model and current state. Apple allows you to quickly check the value of your old iPhone. After selecting the type you have to answer to the following questions:
1. Does it turn on?
A: Yes or No. (Answer ‘Yes’ if your device powers ON.)
2. Is the enclosure in good shape and do all the buttons work?
A: Yes or No.
Fact: If your old iPhone doesn’t meet the criteria listed above the trade-in value of your device is $0.
3. How’s the screen?
A: It’s in good shape. / It’s damaged. (Fact: Scratches are accepted, but cracks means that it’s damaged.)
Important: Your iPhone will receive a trade-in value if the screen is damaged, however it’s significantly lower. The middle value next to each model represents the trade-in score for a device with damaged screen.

We’ve gone through all possible scenarios and have come up with the following list:
– iPhone 5: 0 – $25
– iPhone 5C: 0 – $25
– iPhone 5S: 0 – $30
– iPhone SE: 0 – $65
– iPhone 6: 0 – $50 – $150
– iPhone 6 Plus: 0 – $50 – $200
– iPhone 6S: 0 – $75 – $200
– iPhone 6S Plus: 0 – $75 – $250
– iPhone 7: 0 – $100 – $250
– iPhone 7 Plus: 0 – $100 – $300
– iPhone 8: 0 – $150 – $300
– iPhone 8 Plus: 0 – $150 – $350
– iPhone X: 0 – $175 – $500
Tip: You can calculate the trade-in value yourself on Apple’s official website. Search for the Apple GiveBack section at the bottom of this page.

Fact: Apple offers trade-in credit for other smartphones too. You can return old, Google and Samsung smartphones too. However, the value is very low. You will receive $50 for a 32 GB Google Pixel phone, that’s in good condition and only $75 for a 128 GB Google Pixel XL. The most expensive Samsung Galaxy S9+ awards you $300 trade-in value. A bad deal of course!

Recommendation: Before you opt for a trade-in also check websites like Facebook Marketplace and see how much you can sell your second-hand iPhone or smartphone for. If it’s more than Apple’s trade-in award, list your product for sell and use the cash to purchase a new iPhone model!

Info: Trading-in a BlackBerry, HTC, LG or Nokia are only accepted for recycling, meaning that you get $ return.

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