How To Buy New Contract-Free iPhone 6 For $349

apple store gift card

Apple Store Gift Card.

The iPhone 6 and its super-sized Plus version are now up for grabs online and in Apple Stores from all around the world. If you’re one of the tens of millions of iPhone users that plans to upgrade to the latest model, here are some good news. You can now obtain a gift card of up to $310 from Apple and halve your expenses for the iPhone 6 purchase.

As you already know Apple’s flagship can be bought locked, with a 2-year carrier contract starting from $199 or unlocked and contract-free for at least $649. The full iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus pricing list can be found here.

However, if you already are an iPhone user that looks for an upgrade and doesn’t plan to pass the old iPhone device to a family member, you can now obtain a substantial discount from Apple. Simply visit an Apple Retail store and ask for your old iPhone to be evaluated. If you accept the proposed credit you can use it to deduct the value of your new iPhone purchase.

Apple Store Gift Card
You can also use the buyback option for your old iPhone, online too. Simply visit this link provide your iPhone model, answer a few question and get an instant offer for your iOS device. If you accept it, you will be asked to ship your smartphone via UPS to the Brightstar headquarters and receive in exchange a gift card which can be used in the online and offline Apple stores.

iPhone BuyBack Facts
The Apple gift card offer value is determined only by the difference in iPhone models. Storage is not important as I received the same evaluation value for a 16GB iPhone 5S as I did for the 64GB version of the same model. Color is also not a price influencing factor, and neither is the fact that your device is locked or not!
However, your used iPhone has to meet the following criteria to qualify for the best buyback offer, else the recycle value is considerably diminished or you are offered only the ‘Recycle for free’ option:
– power-up and function normally (mandatory)
– display has to bee intact, not broken -normal wear is accepted
– all buttons have to work
– no signs of abuse, cracks, splits besides normal wear and minor scratches
– no liquid damage (mandatory)
– the Find my iPhone app has to be turned off (mandatory – easy to turn off)

Important: buyback offer decreases with 70% if one ore more non-mandatory criteria are not met. If a mandatory criteria is not met no monetary offer is made.

Used iPhone Evaluation Values
I’ve made a full research and have here all the discount values that Apple provides online, via Brightstar, for their old iPhone models. As a bonus I’ve also added the current eBay value for each model. That’s the price that you could obtain for your used iPhone if you decide to sell it on eBay, instead of opting for Apple’s buyback program.

Model Retail Price Buyback Offer eBay Value *
iPhone 4 N/A $60 $70-$100
iPhone 4S N/A $115 $120 – $150
iPhone 5 N/A $205 $200-$350
iPhone 5C $450 $175 $150-$300
iPhone 5S $549 – $599 $310 $350 – $450

* eBay Value has been determined for mint condition, used devices. All prices are compared within the United States and provided is USD.

Apple BuyBack vs eBay Auction
The above price comparison shows that you have good chances of obtaining more value for your old iPhone from an eBay auction. However, you have to take in account a few factors that could incline the balance for the Apple buyback offer:
– the eBay procedure takes more time, for setting the auction, replying to bidders questions, waiting for the actual action to complete and so on. Compared to simply visiting the Apple Store handing your iPhone and receiving the instant credit or performing the same process online from the comfort of your desk.
– if your iPhone is over 2 generations old, the price difference between the two options becomes smaller and the risk that the eBay buyer will complain about the product is significantly more increased. This makes Apple buyback a very good option.
– if you own a mint condition iPhone 5S with a storage space higher than 16GB you should try eBay, ask your friends or even pass it on to one of your family members as the value loss is quite substantial.

Online iPhone BuyBack Tutorial
Check how the online used iPhone evaluation works, how to accept the offer and obtain the Apple discount coupon.