How To Automatically Bypass CAPTCHA On iPhone (iOS 16)

bypass captcha with automatic verification ios 16

Bypass CAPTCHA with automatic verification iOS 16

Do you know that you can automatically bypass CAPTCHA on iPhone? This is available thanks to a less popular iOS 16 feature called Automatic Verification. When enabled, it allows iCloud to privately your device and account.

How To Bypass CAPTCHA on iPhone

All that you have to do is make sure that this new option is enabled:
how to turn on automatic verification

  • 1. Open Settings and tap on your Apple ID.
  • 2. Go for Passwords & Security and scroll to the Advanced section.
  • 3. Turn On Automatic Verification.

iOS 16 Bypass CAPTCHA Requirements

Apple informs that Bypass CAPTCHAs is available both “in apps and on the web by allowing iCloud to automatically and privately verify your device and account”.

However, it seems that in these early stages the feature only works with websites using the CloudFlare network.

According to a blog on, Private Access Tokens are used and the Automatic Verification feature works as well on iPad and Mac.

How Bypass CAPTCHA on iPhone Works

  • Whenever an iPhone, iPad or Mac make a request to a website, the site silently asks your device for a token.
  • iOS automatically contacts Apple’s servers asking for verification.
  • Apple’s server contacts the site’s token issuer (CloudFlare, for example) and asks the provider to issue a token for your device.
  • iPhone receives this Private Access Token and forwards it to the website.
  • The site recognizes the token and bypasses CAPTCHA request.
  • Fact: What’s great is that all the above steps occur automatically without the user needing to perform any actions!

Bypass CAPTCHA Not Working?

Automatic Verification is enabled on your iPhone, iPad or Mac but you’re still prompted with a CAPTCHA request? Are you seeing the I'm not a robot captcha request?

That’s happening because Google’s Re-captcha system doesn’t recognize this new Private Access Token feature. However, it should be supported in the near feature.

Nevertheless, if you’re getting the I’m not a robot Google captcha too often, you might want to check out this article!

What do you think about this new iOS 16 bypass CAPTCHA system? Are you enjoying the benefits? Share your feedback in the comments.

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