How To Check The Remaining Battery Percentage On iPhone X

iphone x missing battery percentage indicator in status bar

iPhone X missing Battery Percentage Indicator in Status bar.

Besides the removal of the Home button and its fingerprint reading functionality, the iPhone X sees one more traditional iOS function removed. I agree, the physical Home button ditch is actually a win for us iOS users because we now get the benefit of watching an edge-to-edge OLED display with minimal bezels. Touch ID has been replaced by an even more secure Face ID system. However, the TrueDepth camera system that handels the hardware part of the facial recognition set, requires the already famous notch, centered at the top of the iPhone X’s screen.

The only disadvantage, besides the obvious content cutout when displaying videos and playing games in full-screen mode, is the reduced real estate for iOS’s classic status icons. The two resulting iPhone ‘Ten’ ‘ears’ are now mainly hosting the current time in the left ‘horn’, which is replaced by the carrier name, when device is displaying the Lock Screen (current time is enlarged on the main screen). The cellular signal strength, Wi-Fi intensity and battery indicator are available in the right ‘ear’. Basically, the lack of space has forced the iOS 11 developers to eliminate the battery percentage indicator from displaying at a glance in the status bar!

How To Enable Battery Percentage Indicator On iPhone X
how to display battery percentage indicator on iphone xSadly, there is no miraculous way to bring back the battery percentage indicator within the iPhone X status bar. Contrary to earlier iPhone models, there is no option available in the Settings app to turn the Battery Percentage indicator ON. We’ve browsed for Settings -> Battery and found no Battery Percentage setting available.
Trick: Nevertheless, there is a workaround that partially solves this shortcoming! If you like to be in full control of your iPhone’s battery, as I am, here is what you have to do to display the Battery Percentage indicator next to the Remaining Battery icon. This works within the iPhone X Control Center template! All that you have to do is swipe-down from the right ear and unveil the Control Center screen. Notice, how the battery percentage indicator appears next to the remaining battery icon?

Tip: You can swipe-down on the iPhone X Gesture bar to invoke Reachability and then swipe-down on the right ‘ear’ for Control Center, if you want to check the battery percentage single handed!

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