How To Configure Face ID To Unlock While Wearing A Mask During Coronavirus Outbreak

Using iPhone Face ID with mask against coronavirus

Using iPhone Face ID with mask against coronavirus.

We have to adapt to the times that we’re living in. More and more iPhone users are required to wear a mask nowadays, to protect ourselves against infection with the new coronavirus. Although most of us are under lockdown, there are still situations when we have to go out to buy groceries and some still have to go to work.

A mask is more than recommended when exiting your home during this outbreak. No matter if you use a standard one, or you manufacture it yourself, it still implies covering your mouth and nose, to be able to filter out the COVID-19 virus. It obstructs an important part of your face and will thus render Face ID unusable, because your iPhone won’t be able to distinguish you. Yes, after two failed attempt you can use the Passcode and unlock, but if you have to do it often it becomes really annoying!

How To Set Up Face ID To Work With A Coronavirus Mask
There are two ways to fix this inconvenience and be able to unlock your iPhone, confirm iTunes & App Store purchases, authenticate Apple Pay, Password autofill and much more. Thankfully, starting with iOS 12, one can configure an “Alternate Appearance” in the Face ID Settings menu. Let’s use this option in our advantage!
A. Setting Up Alternate Face ID Appearance with Coronavirus Mask
set up an alternate appearance in face id settings 1. Open the Settings app.
2. Tap on Face ID & Passcode.
3. Provide your Passcode.
4. Tap on “Set Up an Alternate Appearance” and make sure that you have the mask that you intend to use nearby.
Fact: You can only set a single additional appearance. If you’re already set up a secondary one, you have to Reset Face ID before being able to add a new appearance. Be aware, that resetting Face ID leads to the deletion of all the machine learning acquired since the last setup process.
5. The Trick is that you don’t have to wear the mask full-face because the iPhone won’t be able to scan your face properly and will refuse to set up this alternate appearance. Instead fold the mask in half, and mask just half of your face (the left or the right side.)
Important: Although you will cover your nose when wearing the mask outside, don’t cover it now during the set up process. This will help you trigger the second Face ID print.
Extra Tip: During the Face ID setup keep the mask as close as possible to the side of your face that you decided to cover.
6. Rotate your head as instructed and complete the setup process!
Test: When completed, lock your phone. Put the mask on, normally, as you have to wear it when you go outside, with mouth and nose covered. Unlock your iPhone. It should work. If it doesn’t also check out the second and third tricks shared below.

B. Using Machine Learning To Unlock iPhone While Wearing COVID-19 Mask
iOS 12 is able to use machine learning thus is able to learn your new mask-look. However this takes a little bit of time. So, whenever you wear the mask and the Face ID doesn’t recognize you type the Passcode to unlock. If you do this often enough your iPhone will adjust to the new situation and will start to recognize the mask. Combine the two tips provided in this article and you will surly make your Face ID authentication much more fluent. And there is a third trick…

C. Extra Tip: Disable the Require Attention for Face ID feature!
By default, you’re required to have your eyes open and unobstructed when authenticating with Face ID. However, if you disable this requirement, you avoid a series of Face ID fails, especially when you’re using a mask. Here is how to do it:
require attention for faced id disabled 1. Open the Settings app.
2. Tap on Face ID & Passcode.
3. Provide your Passcode.
4. Disable the Require Attention for Face ID.
Important: Be aware that this change, will weaken your iPhone’s security, because anyone can grab your iPhone and unlock it while you sleep. However, if you don’t have any secrets from your loved ones, that should not bother you too much.

Important: Be aware that your smartphone is a germ magnet. Every time when you return home or arrive at your office, make sure that you disinfect your iPhone to keep the new coronavirus away from your device.

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